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Up North Michigan: Wines by the bay

Leelanau and Old Mission peninsulas explored

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Greetings Storrer Descendants and Friends:

Annual Storrer reunions are held in Summer every year on a Sunday in July in eastern Kansas. There will be ample time to meet your relatives and friends and share family memories and pictures. For information, contact; Linda Snyder, Secretary
Box 166, Hamilton, KS 66853 620-678-3346 lssnyder@gmail.com

Here you will find information on (to go to a site, click on the blue text):

1. The STORRER family worldwide

2. Dr Storrer's latest findings regarding FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT via a link to the web version of the FLlW UPDATE newsletter. This is now a link to FrankLloydWrightInfo.com. When you open this new site, please bookmark it!

3. Family STORRE / STORER / STORRER / STOHRER genealogy

4. Are you a blood relative of the Storrer family? We have listed all names that have a known blood relationship to the Storrer surname.

5. Happenings in Siblingen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, the home of the Storrer forefathers at Siblingen happenings

6. Were your grandparents born, married, buried here? This site links to towns in which Storer, Storrer (and variant spellings) may be found in Europe and the USA

7. Latest findings regarding 4 = 5, Dr Storrer's explication of the natural growth cycle of Western culture, and why America's educational system properly educates less than a quarter of our population

8. Bill Storrer biographical information at "Bill Storrer, PhD, including photo galleries." You will also find a bio at "www.JetSetModern.com" in their issue #4.

9. The Dearborn High School Class of '54 Web pages

10. The Perry Mason television shows and related Erle Stanley Gardner mystery novels at Storrer's PERRY MASON / Erle Stanley Gardner Web site

11. The best study of Edward Albee's Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf? as Drama and as Film

12. Harvard class of '58

This web-based newsletter is updated occasionally as needed. There are continuing updates and additions to the Perry Mason site in the area of the TV episodes and major additions to the Frank Lloyd Wright web pages, which have been moved to their own server, and upgrades to several other sites. William Allin Storrer can be emailed at storrergenealogy@storrer.com. This site copyright © MMXII WAStorrer

The Storrer Name in History is published by Ancestry.com. It is about the "name," not the history of the family Storrer, nor genealogy. Most of what is in this tome, printed on-demand by Borders, is about British, not German or Swiss-German, Storrers. Since we have yet to find an English Storrer who will agree to a DNA test, we have no concrete knowledge of a link between the Island and the Continental Storrers.

A few more items:

Letter to Halbert's regarding their claims re. Storrer

Travel in European Storrerland

Politically incorrect comments

Travel in Southeast Asia

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