Here are images from the 55th Dearborn High School reunion, August 2009. Photos by Lew Williams.

The Cruise

Monteiths, Ehrlenbachs
Mike Podkorny Bill and Pat Storrer
Wilcox, Yanowski, Lyne, Altenberger
above; Hershenson, Covert, Arnold below; Covert, Briggs, Edwards

The Eagle's Nest, Friday eve, Dearborn Inn

Hicks, Toupin, Rowes, Storrer, McKay ('55)

Arnold and Blake
Storrer and Williams Twork, Briggs, Hicks
Gracyks, Maronick, Ellis, Storrer, Twork
McKay, Altenbergre, Storrer Briggs, Egan
Arnold, Somers Keller, Altenberger
Don and Gerry Wilcox and Heintzelman
Rowes, Storrer, McKay ('55)

Saturday lunch at The Park Place

Altenberger, Twork The Arnolds
Ellis, Hintzelman Toupin, Hirth
Kramer, Blake Williamson, Kirk

Ray, Ellis, Neubert, Blake
Vanderbeck Coyne Greer Egan
Dappriches, Zickefoose
Steinhof, Franzosi, Guetschow

and by now, if you don't recognize them, you are hopeless!

Sunday breakfast, for a few