Memories of our class include some of Dearborn, of course, but also Old Detroit. Here are some images garnered from varius sources, but mostly from one Ron Oslund via Lew Williams.

Seashore Pool was built in 1942 in west Dearborn. It was designed by your webmaster's father, Fredrick Ray Storrer, City Engineer of Dearborn. The first outdoor pool for the city, it was located between Cherry Hill and Ford roads on a forty-acre parcel, which was later named Levagood Park after Lt. George Levagood, the first Dearborn man killed in World War II. Fredrick Storrer was also the designer of most of Camp Dearborn, thow Mayor Orvill Hubbard would claim that for himself. Orville once poiinted to a spot and told my father to dig a lake there. My father noted the water table was maybe a foot underground, so anyone could find a lake there!

During pace car preparations for the 1953 Indianapolis 500, the Henry Ford Museum staff put "999", Henry Ford's old racer, in working order, running it close to 60 mph on the Ford Test Track (31, William Clay Ford test driving the official pace car, a 1953 Ford later placed in the Museum's transportation collection alongside "999."

Note; Carol was Class of '55

Mayor Orville Hubbard, Marg Johnson, General Douglas MacArthur, taking the loyalty oath at Dearborn City Hall, 16 May 1952

Woodward Ave. between Larned & Jefferson_March 25, 1956  Note Kern's in the background.

The cars of the Detroit Street Railway eventually went to Vera Cruz Mexico, where they are still running. "William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'" was filmed there.

Woodward at Fort St._June 19, 1952

Davison Ave. before 1941

Davison Expressway after November 1942

Davison Expressway today

Woodward between 6 and 7 mile roads (1908) 

Same stretch of road between 6 and 7 mile roads (1909) 

John C Lodge Expressway, 1950. N Y Central steam overhead.

Construction of Edsel Ford Freeway at Woodward Ave.

Above, the Detroit skyline in olden days. Below, 4 images of the Boblo boat and Boblo

Michigan & Woodward; the busiest intersection in the world

Campus Martius, Hudson's in background

Campius Martius, view south, recent times

Hudson's, a last glimmer of glory