How many of you can remember what you willed?

Try out your memory. (My copy was mimeoed and not very clear or clean in many places, so please report any errors that you discover. I have used our yearbook for correct spellings of surnames.) Also, there are some people on this list who were not in our graduating class, January or June, according to the yearbook. What to do?!
And if you don't think we were prescient, look at Betty Ann Lavarini's will.
SEND YOUR WILL TO BILL. More than half of the class did not contribute. Now is the time. Mail me at <> When I look at all the good looking girls in our class, I wonder why I kept to so few as dates over the years. We were one heck of a good looking bunch! STILL ARE!

Susie Alviani -- leaves her ability to tell "good" jokes to Doris Yancheson.
Joanne Arcon -- wills her crying towel to the underclassmen to cry on over the senior trip they are not going to take either.
Judy Arpi -- I will all my forged presigns and hall slips to my cousin Michael Arpi.
Margaret Asperger -- I will my Ponds Cold Cream to Bob Bishop.
Judy Balderas -- wills her 57" to Bob Dunlap and her "cigar smoking" ability to the track team.
Sue Bechtol -- I will my black rimmed glasses along with my shorthand grades.
Gary Beck -- On behalf of the members of the "53" football team, I leave the fine records that they established during the "53" years to the school.
Gerri Blanzy -- I am leaving. (period) What more could anyone ask to be willed.
Peter Boyar -- leaves all his jokes, that backfired, to the faculty to that they will be able to tell them to the future students of D.H.S.
Ed Boyer -- I will my size 13 track spikes to Bob Dunlap, hoping they will make him much faster. I also will my varsity club pin to Walt Johnson.
Helen Breitmayer and Joyce Terrill -- will their conversation to Mrs. Holmberg, their study hall teacher.
Don Briggs -- I will my "neat" voice to Bob Clark.
Ann Burton -- wills her long hair to Miss Turckenmiller in case she ever goes bald teaching bookkeeping.
Bob Campbell -- I will my shovel at the graveyard to Fred Frieber. (lucky boy)
Ron Capps -- I will "Sleepy" (Don Paul) one package of "no-Nods".
Dan Chinander -- I will my body to Mr. Storrer, to be mummy-fied as the most brilliant student at D.H.S.
Bob Clark -- I will my big, plump body to anyone who wants a little weight.
Martin Conway -- wills his seat of the bench to Ken Bray.
Alan Culpepper -- I hearby will all the good times I had during my senior year to the seniors of next year.
Emelyn Curlee -- I hereby will all the brains I have in Chemistry to Mr. Welch.
Maureen Curran -- I will ____ ______ to all the unsuspecting 12B's who sign up for office practice. "May they rest in peace."
Diane Dailey -- I will my ping pong ability to Marilyn Sievert.
Toby Daniels -- I will my conservative driving to John Altenburger.
Ken Dapprich -- wills his old tennis racket to Delores McNutt.
Barbara Dasher -- I will my wonderful times during football season and throughout my senior year to Sandy Lucha.
Anne Doerr -- I will my physic notes to an unwary, prospective physics student.
Pat Donahue -- wills his brownie points to his brother Carroll and his physics book to the next "lucky" chap.
JoAnn Dulmage -- wills her curly hair to Miss Savage.
Marlene Eilerhorse -- I will my artistic ability to Richard Dombornski.
Marg Ellis -- I will my "permanent" seat in Psychology to any person that has the same trouble I do.
Dorothy Fields -- I will 7:00 Sunday morning to Irene Euckos.
Barbara Floyd -- I do hereby will my A's in shorthand to Barbara Zinober.
Bill Fox -- I will Walt Johnson the D.H.S. track!!
Kathryn Franzosi -- I will my ability to lose pencils to Susie Davis with the hope that she will have the ability to find them.
Nancy Fryzel -- wills John Kilcheck to Barbara.
Nancy Greenwald -- I will my closet to Margaret Paterson for all her clothes.
Sandy Greenway -- I will Mr. Bush a supply of "round balls" for the football team.
Ken Gust -- I will my record collection to Jerry Bodnar.
Chris Hammelef -- I will my brush cut, my wampum belt and my luck on hooks to Chuck Zolman.
Harold Hannaford -- wills himself to a certain blue-eyed blond that is a aperfect 5' 6", and goes to Fordson.
Shirley Harnden -- I will my vocabulary to Casper.
Bob Harris -- I will my laughs to Ricky Speers and Tom Kelsey for all the good times we have had.
Janice Hart -- wills her "hardtack" to Roxy Fisher so she will stay slim forever.
Carol Heilburn -- I will Bill to Judy Silvester. Take Good Care Of Him.!!
Sally Hicks -- I will my twinkle toes to Sandra Rice.
Bruce Hill -- I will myself to a beautiful lass from the Melvendale class of '56.
Marion Hinkle -- I will my old presigns to Judy Wallick.
Jim Hobbs -- I will all the food in my house to Dutch, Smitty, and Oak!!
Joanne Holbrook -- wills her doopy eyelids to Donna Poet.
Mary Lou Hudson -- I will my tiny feet to any 6 foot boy that will have them.
Carol Jane Hutchings -- I will my Trogan horse to Mrs. Grafton for safe keeping.
Kris Kaestner -- wills her "long black" hair and Marlene Dietrich looks to Marga Beth Eschbach.
Shirley Keller -- wills her psychology book to Kenneth Klann to make more confusion for him.
Mary Louise Kellerman -- I will Cathy Marks anything anyone else hasn't.
Ralph Kelley -- I will if she will!!
Kathleen Kentala -- I will my locker #288 to the boy who thinks he owns it already.
Karlie Kessey -- I will my needle with the broken eye to Marlene Hubner.
Jackie Kirsten -- I will one slightly used set of letters which read PINK to the junior girl who makes a mobile for next year's sponge dance.
Francis Kosich -- I will all my tight sweaters to my sister Barbara Anne.
Helen Kramer -- wills her brownie points from a certain class to her sister when she comes to D.H.S.
Betty Kreft -- wills her lunch hour pastime to John Kpichek (?)
Marjorie Labardee -- wills the terrific spirit that should be shown at D.H.S. football games that the students never had.
Betty Ann Lavarini -- I will Texas, the greatest state in the union (next to Michigan) to Normare Cole.
Marg Lawson -- I will my dirty jokes to Mabelle Harringotn, Mike Gawing, and Caryl Miller in 4th, Mr. Biology.
Barb Lefker -- I will my ability to run to Salisbury in 2 minutes to Kiane Hulbert and Marg. Williams.
Peggy Lilac - I will my cap and gown to all my friends left behind.
Paul Lund -- I will the cross country course to anyone who wants to run around with it.
Shirley McBiuney -- I will my headaches from Office Practice to Mr. Haight.
Joan McBride -- wills all her luck in Algebra to Gene Parks and advice on a certain girl, too.
Gwen McGowan -- I will my cowbell to the football fans.
Sandy McGuigan -- I will the art gallery of drawings in locker 229 to my sister Pat in the hope that they will add to the appearance of her locker.
Marcia McIvor -- I will my reserve and Conservativeness to someone who lacks them ---- Marga Beth Eschbach.
Susie McKee -- I will my good luck of hooking a great guy to Sandi Karalash.
Don McNutt -- wills his seat in the 15th row at the Dearborn Drive-in to Cathy Marks.
Charles H. Merts -- I will Mr. Welch, my chemistry teach, all my dirty test tubes.
Lawrence Miller -- I will Dearborn High a pound of Mother Fletcher's Mottses (mattza?) balls.
Nancy Miller -- I will my seriousness in Eng. class to Barbara Zenober.
Beverly Mills - I will all my talents and techniques to Jerry Christman.
Bonnie Millspaugh -- I will all my knowledge in physics to Dolly Gash, because she'll need it.
Art Monteith -- I will all my brains to Bob Stabniau.
Marilyn Montooth -- I will my chemistry ability to Guy.
Dave Moore -- I will my gift of gab to Howard Nash.
Cappy Morrison -- wills to Mr. Gallagher all his old hall passes that he filled out for Cap in the last 4 years.
Judy Neale -- I will all the remaining hounding females to my brother Jerry.
Elaine Nowka -- I will my tight yellow plaid tennis shorts to next year's varsity tennis team. They are to be used by them when they fall short in the T.V.L. match.
Tom O'Connell -- wills himself to the best looking girls in the senior class of "55".
Dave O'Neill -- wills his Marshal Ranger Badge to the commander of division 7, our glorious leader, A. E. Lewis.
Jerome Oswald -- wills 1 pr. of sweat socks and 1 scummy towel to Jim Wright.
Margaret Paterson -- I will all my clothes to Nancy Greenwald to help her fill that huge closet.
Ann Patterson -- I will my cheerleading ability to Mr. Porter (especially Fight Locomotive Cheer).
Don Paul -- I will the "Dyna Lone" in my mufflers to Larry Williams for his "Chevy".
Chuck Pearson -- I will my old tennis shoes to Jack Hosmer "cause" he needs "em".
Shirley Peck -- wills the darkroom in room 109 to Butch Monson.
Eve Peterson -- wills her laughing streaks to Mr. Lewis and all the left over Pioneers to Bill and Shirley.
Barbara Phimister -- I will my unknown unknowns to Peg Poosch.
Pat Pohley -- wills her excess brownies points to Bruce McKinstry.
Richard Proctor -- I will, to Mr. Gallagher, my orange and black pogo stick.
Jessy Puggini -- I will all my corny jokes to Miss Pugh.
Jackie Rabe -- I will directions on how to get an elephant to anyone as gullible as Ham and Ron.
Eugenia Ray -- I will all the teachers in D.H.S. to my sister Roseann.
Carole Reinelt -- I will my place with Mr.Chetwood in Office Machines to Arlene McGuire.
Judy Riha -- I will my marks in Physics to any unfortunate Physics student who wants them.
Ham Robichaud -- I will all of my ugly hair to be divided among those who need it most.
Judy Robinson -- I will all the extra A's I get for coming to school early to Pat Bloess.
Richard Rowland -- I will the key to the track room to David Scott and also Mr. Narruare to Dave.
Pete Salisbury -- to Mr. Gallagher I will all the burned out light bulbs on stage.
Roger Sautter -- wills his brilliant Eng. ability to some unsuspecting up and coming sophomore.
Bernie Sayre -- I, Bernie, will my stupidity of dancing to some girl who will teach me how - Lo-1-8530.
Bob Schultz -- wills Luane Lange all the Chemistry unknown unknowns.
John Shoemaker -- I, John, will my good Physics marks to anyone "deserving of them."
Charles L. Smith -- I will if she will!!!
Dora Smith -- wills all her toothpicks that she used to hold her eyes open in zero Hr. class, to a next zero Hr. student.
Judy Smith -- I will my hair cut to Sandy Lucha.
LaMoyne Smith -- I will my wistful glances to Mrs. Watson.
Nancy Smudski -- I will my ballet shoes to Mr. Archer.
Barbara J. Solgan -- I will all my clean jokes to Casper.
Ron Somers -- wills his red car to whoever can pay off the debts.
Ricky Speer -- I will 2 pair of long underwear to Carol Brown.
Janet Stabenau -- wills the good times she never had to Barb Satler in hopes that she will have them.
Lee Stacey -- I will my southern drawl to Carol Whitney.
Virginia Stalter -- I will Jerry Christmas to swing a racket.
Betty Stambersky -- wills the scraps of her wedding dress that she made to Sylvia Lininary - Good Luck!
Dean Stemas -- I will the standing room in my locker to Cathy Marks.
Don Stifler -- I, Don, will myself to Linda Baldwin.
Sallie Stinson -- I will my fog horn to anyone who dares compete with it.
Bill Storrer -- wills his broken clarinet reeds to John Cooper and his "hi-fi-less records" to Pete Sharkey.
Dick Tate -- I will my research theme to Jim Jarrett.
Patricia Temple -- I will to Irene Orto all the fun I have had and all the knowledge that I could have had.
Pat Therrian -- wills his dirty locker to his brother, Chuck.
Shirley Tolbert -- wills all the homework she didn't do to Bob Matheny, who was the chief cause.
Diane Tomlin -- I will all my plastic knitting needles to Sandy McGuigan so she will always have four.
Carol Twork -- I will my golden locks to Miss Guldner.
Nancy Van Steenis -- wills to Cathy Marks her thrilling Photography class.
Pat Wagner -- I will my "poodle" to any dog that will have it.
Bob Wagner -- To M.A. Storrer, I will all my oscilloscope patterns.
Nancy Walls -- I will my habit of brushing my teeth after lunch to all pour souls wearing braces.
Sally Walter -- I will my class right to the person who found it, (and kept is!)
Mary Lou Weaver -- I will my typing ability to my sister, Joye.
Marilyn Weinert -- wills all of her forged pre-signs to Mr. Backenato.
Mary Ellen Weyer -- I will my early morning bus ride to school to next semesters 0 hour. chemistry students.
Lewis Williams -- I will my drum-sticks to Mr. Suda and his Band.
Jean Witenburg -- I will all the things I've wanted to do but never got to do to some poor soul who probably won't get to do them either.
Pat Wolfe -- wills her "egg dirt" to any over weight person who has the will power to eat eggs for two weeks.
Kathryn Wong -- I will my unfitting glasses to Mr. Bartlett.
Irene Zielinski -- I will my "good looks" to Arlene Honeycutt.
Ann Nonomers -- Iwill if he will!