These are the graduation photos of Class of 1954 Dearborn High School who are now but memories.

List updated as of 25 June 2018

June Graduates

Earl Anderson


Ronald Angel

nice to know

Judy Arpi

great sense of humor

Dick Bahls


James Bankston

nice to know

Calvin Behling

extremely likable

Barbara Blaishill


Geraldine Blanzy

deeds, not words

Gene Bonino

subtle sense of humor

Beverley Boomber


Peter Boyar

Basketball, Baseball

Adelore Boyer

swell guy to know

Wendell Boyer

his only fault, bashfulness


Bruce Bradley

man of few words


Helen Breitmayer

talented cellist

David Brown

strictly a motorcyclist

Francis Buckel

patient and punctual

Frank Butler

man with an ideal

Bob Campbell

happiest while joking

Elizabeth Jean Chay

appreciates a good joke

Robert Clark


Martin Conway


Jim Corbett

lives and loves life

Peggy Craig

sophistication plus

Alan Culpepper

blushes the deepest red

Ed Dalton

pleasing personality

Marsha Debaske


Jacquelyn Decoursey

pleasing personality

Ann Doerr

still waters run deep

Dan Drake


Sharon Edwards


Charles Ellington


Robert Flaishans

good man to know

William Fox

good athelete

Joanne Gallaher

soft spoken

Barbara (Bryson) Gallmeyer

good sport

Arthur Gaudi


Gregg Grahn


Ronald Grogitzsky


Kenneth Gunn

swell guy to know


Kenneth Gust


Harold Hannaford

on the tranquil side

Janet Holappa

sweet smile

Ed Holmes

friendly fellow

David Huff


Carol Jane Hutchings

a teasing time

Tom Jeffire

artistically ingenious

No Record

in Yearbook

Andrew Jewell

extremely friendly

      Jerry Johnston

Irma Keleman

hearty laugh

Tom Kelsey

happy and carefree






Ralph Kelley

full of pep

Mary Louise Kellerman


Karlie Kessey

tapping toes

Ralph J King


Ron Kirk

quite the guy

Margie Labardee

quiet, at times

Betty Ann Lavarini


Victor Lind

the quiet man

Nancy Link


Beatrice Lynch

seldom heard, often seen

Tom Major


Carrie Maslar

beautiful brown eyes

Marcia McIvor


Don McNutt

where there's smoke there's fire


Cap Morrison

dramatic tennis man

Dave Moore


Ray Neumann

serious minded

Elaine Nowka


David O'Neill


Jerry Oswald

loads of fun



Robert Pearson

great sense of humor


Donald Peters



Joe Peterson

never known to blush

Margaret Paterson (Frysinger)


Jacob Pfeiffer


George Pluhar

a joking joe


No photo

in yearbook

Mike Pokorny

hot rod enthusiast

Jessie Puggini

dark eyes

Ann Riecks

great gal to be with

Mary Ann Riesser

pleasant personality

Judy Riha

intellect plus

Tom Riley

good guy to know

Nelda Roberts

good natured

Ray Rosati


Pete Salisbury

witty and wise

James Sampson

nice to know

Roger Sautter


Norman Shank

a man among men

Jon Shoemaker

politeness without end

Leo Neal Skelly


Bill Smith

music minded

Dora Smith

nice to know


LaMoyne Smith

a genuine friend

Nancy Smudski

a dancing gal

Barbara Solgan


Edward Spooner

appreciates women

Janet Stabenau

on the quiet side

Hanna Lee Stacey

vivacious personality

Virginia Stalter

capitalizes on congeniality

Doug Starkweather


Dean Stemas

smooth fellow

Sallie Stinson


Daryl Stone

quiet, at times

Pat Stright

funny and fun

Al Tackacs
Band, Bowling, Track
No photo in yearbook

Richard Tate

to lend a hand

Trudy Taylor

an earnest worker

Shirley Terwilliger

has a flying needle

Patrick Therian

for the glory of the school

Jim Thompson

friendly "hello"

Frank Turchan


Marvin Vint



Bernard Voigt

nice to know

Mary Lou Weaver

friendly smile

Sally Lou Weston

a cordial hello

Mary Ellen Weyer

seen but seldom heard

Robert White

man with the ten pins

Lew Williams


Jean Marie Wittenburg

perfectly poised

Lancaster Woods

a motorcycle man

William Woods


Don Woshlo


January Graduates

No photo

in yearbook

Betty Arcy

modest and shy

Bob Balint

man of muscle

James Bell

onward he goes

Richard Bernhart success is the reward

Clyde Berry

silence is welcomed

Leora Blow

fun and fancy free

Nan Booterbaugh

a ready smile

Bob Bowling

he laughed at life


No record

in Yearbook


Robert Chesseman

happy-go-lucky fellow

JoAnn Duncan

she is quiet, but beware

Elaine Farkas

beauty seen is never lost

Phyllis Fogarty

a cheerful fiend

Jacqueline Gottman

a gentle friend

Clinton Grenier

a brave fellow

DeLoyd Gunn

Richard Hartig

prince of wit and wisdom

No record

in Yearbook

Gayle Hershenson


Ray Hutchens

mark the perfect man

Nancy Ann Jach

earnest and enthusiastic

Carolyn Jackson (Roberts)

a smile of cheer

Lynwood Jackson

humble and sincere

George Kaminski

a man among men

Martha Kerr

ambition makes the way

Marilyn Lange

fair and true

No record

in yearbook

  The reason for empty spaces is due to the fact that, when we add, say, five new listings, the rows are eight entries wide. We may need to insert two rows to avoid having to realign everything, which can take hours,.
Peter Liacake

Peter MacDonald

a happy fellow


Leo McLaughlin

friendship buys friendship






Kathleen Netlow

a little girl like that

John Pebley

a man of silent mood

No record

in yearbook

Deidre Regnier


John Roach

he'll find a way

Josephine Robinson

may she never change

Edward Schlinski

let me revel in batteries and wires

Dick Schwagle

a sharp dresser

Lee Slimmon

the best 'be-bopper'

Mary Lou Waldinger

Bill Wurn

silence is golden