Perry Mason in the Case of the . . .


This edition of this site uploaded 20 November 2004. This site reveals updates made in comparing casts and plots of the entire 271 episodes of "Perry Mason in the Case of the . . .". We have found over 362 new entries for the thrice-or-more groups. We may yet reorganize the listings alphabetically in case a misspelling prevents you from locating a favorite actor. ©MMV W A Storrer.

Should you want to know if a particular actor was in any of the Perry Mason episodes, or who played a particular character, here is one place to search. All known cast members of the 271 CBS episodes are listed somewhere here. Those who are known to have appeared several times are separated from the once- or twice-only actors, in special groups, yet all can be searched by your computer's "Find" function.

Cast credits are determined largely by the number of lines in the script. An actor may have a large number of lines, so get listed highly in the cast list, yet may disappear on the cutting-room floor. S/he will stay in the cast list! There are many silent characters who are accordingly unlisted in the credits. We'd like to identify them all. It would take considerable effort, for instance, to determine if the named Police Photographer, Michael Kopcha, in episode 12, Negligent Nymph, is the unidentified photographer in many other episodes. The most egregious omission may be the Los Angeles Chronicle's morgue man, who has a significant interchange with Paul Drake in episode 104, Nine Dolls, yet is unlisted. If any viewer can confirm the identity of some uncredited actor, please do so.

Some interesting questions arise. Which actor appears in all 271 episodes? Answer, none, for Perry Mason is absent in episodes 172, Surplus Suitor, 218, Bullied Bowler and 227, Thermal Thief, when Raymond Burr was involved in an accident. Other shows shot while he was recuperating reveal him in his hospital room. Episodes were shot much closer to air date than nowadays back in the 50s and 60s, so CBS had nothing in the vault.

But if we asked, "who appeared 271 times," we get a different answer, for Raymond Burr played Perry Mason 268 times, and then acted a second part in one show, episode 267, Dead Ringer, so he appeared 269 times. Paul Drake has the fewest absences, a single show, episode 83, Prudent Prosecutor. Since there are several episodes that take place outside Los Angeles, Hamilton Burger is often absent, and was taken off the show and out of the credits after William Tallman was involved in a wild party. So Della Street is the next in line for most appearances. Several other actors appear often, particularly those who portray the judges and the coroner/autopsy surgeon/physician.

Also, in which episode is there no court scene? The first example is early in the first season, Silent Partner, episode 6.

How about, who changes rank (but not name)? Try Det/Sgt Steve Toland, episodes 158 and 208.

If you know the actor appeared only once, or perhaps twice, you can find it here with your search capability, or CLICK HERE for a specific site devoted to this need (except for judges, court clerks, autopsey surgeons and the like which are listed on this web page).

The categories in which listings are organized are;



Raymond Burr as Perry Mason (and Grimes)

Barbara Hale as Della Street

William Hopper as Paul Drake

William Talman as Hamilton Burger

Ray Collins as Lt Arthur Tragg

Wesley Lau as Lt Anderson (and Amory Fallon)

Richard Anderson as Lt Steve Drumm (as well as Edward Lewis and Jason Foster)

Lee Miller as Sgt Brice (and 3 other characters)

Mort Mills as Ben Landro

Connie Cezon as Gertie

Karl Held as David Gideon (and Bruce Nesbit0

Dan Tobin as Terrance Clay (and Dickens)

OTHERS, by character category

Autopsy surgeons, Coroners, Physicians and the like


Court clerks

Other "more-than-twice" characters



Episodes in which the following regular

season characters do NOT appear.

(They appear so often that listing the episodes they do appear in would be unwieldy.)

Perry Mason Raymond Burr

does NOT appear in episodes 172, 218 and 227

(appears as himself and as a second character, Grimes, in episode 267)

(total character appearances, 269)

Della Street Barbara Hale

120, 128, 201, 202, 203, 204 (appears 265 times)

Paul Drake William Hopper

83 (appears 270 times)

Hamilton Burger William Talman

7, 14, 26, 40, 43, 45, 50, 59, 64, 68, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 111, 115, 120, 130, 135, 138, 143, 146, 163, 167, 175, 180, 184, 189, 192, 200, 205, 209 (appears 210 times)


Lt (Arthur) Tragg Ray Collins

7, 26, 32, 41, 43, 45, 50, 64, 68, 88, 92, 104, 107, 109, 113, 115, 116, 117, 120, 124, 127, 129, 130, 132, 133, 135, 136, 138, 140, 141, 142, 143, 145, 146, 147, 149, 151, 152, 153, (Season 6)156, 159-165, 167-170, 172-175, 177, 180, 181, (Season 7) 182-184, 186, 188-195, 197 -211

Ray Collins died in 1965. (appears 121 times)

Episodes in which the following regular season characters DO appear.

All roles of Lee Miller (109 appearances)

as Deputy Sheriff, his first appearance, 9

Sgt Brice; silent

[54 appearances] 22, 25, 29, 33, 34. 37, 42, 44, 46, 47, 57, 58, 60, 61, 65, 70, 76, 78, 79, 81, 83, 97, 106, 114,121, 125, 132, 140, 144, 147, 150, 153, 154, 155, 158, 159, 162, 166, 171, 172, 173, 174, 175, 186, 188, 201, 202, 206, 212, 215, 225, 227, 231, 260

Sgt Brice; speaking role

[51 appearances] 54, 56, 59, 62, 66, 69, 74, 85, 89, 91, 96, 110, 111, 122, 123, 126, 131, 133, 134, 136, 149, 168, 170, 176, 178, 187, 193, 196, 197, 208, 211, 216, 223, 227, 235, 236, 241, 244, 246, 249, 252, 255, 256, 257, 258, 264, 265, 266, 268, 270, 271

as State Trouper, 39

as Tragg's partner 49, 53

Lee Miller plays the part of Sgt Brice in most episodes, as well as a silent Sgt Brice in many episodes. Chuck Webster is credited as Sgt Brice in episodes 49 and 53, but is never called "Sgt Brice." Webster is called only "officer" by Hamilton Burger in episode 53. In episode 53, it is Lee Miller who is with Lt Tragg when the lieutenant first appears. He is called "Tragg's partner" here and in episode 49. In episode 212, we believe Paul Drake calls him "Herb."

Lee Miller is the most "uncredited" actor in the series, yet is easily recognizable, so in the Episode synopses credits, we have cited him, in square brackets [ ], whereever we recognize him, silent, in the episode.

Lt Anderson Wesley Lau (80 total appearances)

(79 appearances) 127, 132-134, 136, 137, 140-142, 144, 146-148, 151-155, 157-162, 165, 168, 170-176, 179, 181, 182, 184, 186-188, 190, 191, 193-204, 206-208, 210-212, 214-217, 220, 222, 223, 225-227, 229, 232-238, 241

as Amory Fallon, Lau's first appearance, 125

Lt Steve Drumm Richard Anderson (27 total appearances)

(25 appearances) 242, 243, 244, 246, 248-252, 254-260, 262, 264-271

as Edward Lewis,, Anderson's first appearance 195; as Jason Foster, 213

Sgt Ben Landro Mort Mills (7 applearances)

116, 130, 135, 145, 156, 164, 228 (and as Chief Barry Scott in episode 92)

Gertie Connie Cezon (16 appearances)

5, (10),12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 31, 38, 60, 110, 201, 202, 204 (credited in episode 8, but does not appear)

David Gideon Karl Held

(9 appearances) 122, 126, 127, 129, 132, 134, 136, 138, 139

as Bruce Nesbit, Held's first appearance, 113

Terrance Clay Dan Tobin (14 total appearances)

(12 appearances) 242, 243, 244, 246, 247, 248, 250, 251, 255, 256, 257, 263, 267

misspelled as Terrence, 262; as Dickens, 214


Michael Fox (24 total appearances)

as Dr Hoxie,10, 69, 185; as Autopsy surgeon (14 appearances) 58, 70, 78, 83, 87, 90, 99, 105, 110, 112, 121,152, 161, 181; as Sr Samuel Anders, 36; as Coroner's Physician, 154, 173; as Physician, 170; as Surgeon, 190; as Dr Lund, 246; as Abe Heyman, 256

misspelled as Dr Hexie, 61

Autopsy surgeon Pitt Herbert (15 total appearances) 56, 66, 76, 98, 127, 133, 144; as Doctor, 77; as Dr James Latham, 79; as Coroner's Physician, 111, 212, 237; as Pathologist (Mr Willard), 123; as Dr Desmond, 179; as Medical Examiner, 257

Autopsy surgeon Jon Lormer (12 total appearances) 63, 81, 102, 103, 136, 158, 177; as Coroner, 57; as Doctor, 59; as Dr Oberon, 142; as Medical Examiner, 147, 191


Gil W Rankin, 51; Irving Mitchell, 55 (see also 126); Law Green, 82 (see also 72); Jack Holland, 93; Arthur Hanson, 95; Bart Conrad, 97 (see also 114); Bill Idelson, 106 (see also 77 & 194); Bill Ervin, 130; Frank Behrens, 135 (see also 180); John Zaremba, 139 (see also 153, 176, 196 & 198); Richard St John, 143; Alexander Lockwood, 222


Arthur Hanson, 74; Alexander Lockwood, 233 (Medical Examiner in 207); as Deputy Coroner Chute Clinton Sundberg, 184


Jack Orrison, 88; William Woodson, 182 (see also 50,171, 215, 247); John Zaremba, 196 (see also 139, 153, 176 & 198); Paul Barselow, 213 (see also 112,132 & 175)



Kenneth MacDonald (34 appearances overall)

(22 appearances) 2, 17, 75, 127, 134, 142, 149, 153, 154, 171, 182, 190, 204, 217, 220, 228, 237, 244, 260, 264; as Trial Judge, 122; as Second Judge, 241; as Judge 1, 271; as Judge Carter, 252

credited as Kenneth R MacDonald

(8 appearances) 35, 38, 47, 55, 82, 94, 113, 118

S John Launer (31 total appearances)

(24 appearances) 44, 49, 57, 62, 69, 83, 90, 98, 105, 108, 116, 129,133, 141, 147, 158, 161, 170, 177, 211, 226, 229, 254, 265

as "Thomas J Hood," 53 (In this episode, Della Street enters a courtroom and the name on the door is Thomas J Hood) and 76 (also on the door); as Judge #2, 150; as Judge Ryder,185; as Judge (Penner),199; as Judge Telford, 258

credited as John Launer (2 appearances) 70, 79

Willis B Bouchey (24 total appearances)

(4 appearances) 80, 93, 106, 112

credited as Willis Bouchey (17 appearances) 97, 121, 137, 139, 145, 151, 155, 169, 178, 183, 197, 214, 225, 236, 249, 256, 270; as Second Judge,62; as Judge Two, 206

uncredited 227?

John Gallaudet (23 total appearances)

(18 appearances) 128, 136, 144, 152, 156, 168, 176, 193, 202, 206, 218, 224, 242, 255, 269; as Municipal Judge, 73; as Reviewing Judge, 116; as Superior Court Judge, 122; as Judge Penner, 195, 232

Morris Ankrum (22 appearances in all guises)

(16 appearances) 16, 21, 36, 59, 66, 72, 91, 99, 103, 111,140, 165, 174, 194, 207, 215; as Judge Hoyt,, 3; as Judge Cameron, 30; as Judge Morrisey, 39; as Judge Cadwell, 41; as Judge Bates, 52; as Trial Judge, 74

Grandon Rhodes (16 appearances, all rubrics)

(11 appearances) 37, 95, 157, 172, 181, 196, 216, 223, 231, 243, 257; as Judge Kippen, 1; as Judge Lennox, 13; as Divorce Judge, 123; as Judge No 2, 267

credited as Grandon R Rhodes, 28

Richard Gaines (14 appearances total) 54, 60, 63, 67, 77, 81, 85, 87, 89, 101, 110, 119; as Judge Treadwell, 39; as Judge Carwell, 46

Lewis Martin (4 appearances) 88, 115; as Judge Libott, 138; as Judge One, 186

Frank Wilcox (8 appearances overall) 20, 25, 33, 96; as Judge Markham, 5; as Judge Randolph, 8; as Judge Newark, 11; as Judge Romley, 32

Charles Irving (11 appearances total)

(7 appearances) 30, 135, 160, 166, 187, 188, 233; as Judge #1, 150; as Judge Stanley, 173; as Judge Blanchard, 212; as Judge No 2, 222

Byron Morrow (5 appearances)107, 259; as Judge Brawley, 246; as Second Judge, 250; as Judge #2, 262. See also Thomas [George] Ranger 87, Captain Hillman 202

Sydney Smith (6 appearancces overall) 19, 31, 198; as Judge Donahue, 15; as Judge Osborn, 18; as Trial Judge (Abernathy), 123

Tom Harkness (6 appearances) 109, 124, 131, 148, 201; as First Judge, 162

Barney Biro (5 appearances) 58, 125, 159, 210; as Judge #3, 150

Bill Zuckert (4 appearances) 146, 167, 189; as Judge Simpson, 240

Harry Holcombe (5 total appearances) 209, 268; as Judge #1, 262; as Senator Deering, 181; as Mr Big, 237

Nelson Leigh (9 appearances) 78, 84, 86, 100, 104, 114, 132, 190, 203

Frederic Worlock ( 5 appearances) 56, 61, 65, 126, 164

Lillian Bronson (3 appearances) 40, 51, 102



Judge Meecham

Noland Leary, 4

Judge (Ryan C) Purley

Howard Wendell, 5 (see also 45)

Judge Ellsworth

Jason Johnson, 26

Judge Kyle

Fay Roope, 34, (29)

Judge Norwood

Jamie Forster, (7), 45, (64), (180)

Second Judge

Mack Williams, 117 (see also 174

Judge Holmes

Ed Prentiss, 138, 246 (see also 62, 193)

First Judge

Bill Quinn, 117 (see also 164)

First Judge

Frank Biro, 250, (266)

Judge Edward Daley

Edgar Buchanan, 163 (see also 50)

Judge Gray

Nolan Leary, 173 (see also 47)

Divorce Judge

Ken Renard, 176

Judge Daniel Redmond

Robert Middleton, 181

Judge Two

Albert A Vail, 186

Municipal Judge

Edmund Glover, 204

Judge Norris

Otto Kruger, 212 (see also 122,150, 191)

Judge Robert Alder

Douglass Dumbrille, 222, (238)

Judge Kee

Arthur Wong, 230

Night Court Judge

Paula Winslowe, 160 (see also 4)

Judge Seymour

William Keene, 261

Judge No 1

Ed Prentis, 267

Judge 2

Erle Stanley Gardner, 271

Ed(win) Jerome, 10, 48

James Nusser, 12

Owen Cunningham, 22

Vincent G Perry, 23

Pierre Watkin, 24, 27

Raymond Greenleaf, 42 (see also 5, 154)

Robert Lynn, 68

Charles J Conrad, 71 (see also 109)

John Barclay, 73

John Litel, 143

Frederic Downs, 192

Kenneth Patterson, 200 (see also 166)

Harry Stanton, 208, 221

Jason Johnson, 213

Douglas Evans, 240

Charles Martin, 241

Stacy Keach, 245 (see also 201)

William Keene, 248

Douglas Evans, 263



George E Stone as Court Clerk (45 total appearances) 58-63, 65, 66, 67, 69, 70, 74-78, 81, 82, 84-87, 89-91, 94-98, 100, 103, 105, 106, 108, 110-112, 114, 119, 137, 142, 160; as George, 24; as Bartender, 43

Jack (W) Harris as Court Clerk (8 appearances) 2, 3, 10, 16, 22, 23, 33, 54


Jack Gargan as Court Clerk (16 appearances) 1, 9, 18, 19, 21, 24, 27, 28, 30, 34, 38, 40 and (8), (42), (51); as Bailiff, 13

Charles Stroud as Court Clerk (12 appearances) 113, 121, 123, 125, 128, 149, 151, 161, 197, 203, 213, 244 (see also 184, 219, 239, 255)

Olan Soulé (6 total appearances) as Court Clerk, 46, 185, 222; as Teller, 39; as Clerk, 53; as Water Company Official, 139

AND Harry Tyler, 7 & 45 (see also 74); Ted Stanhope, 39 (see also 90,174. 205, 239, 259); Vance Howard, 43; Jesslyn Fax, 50 (see also 199); Dick Keene, 68 (see also 74); Pat Moran, 71, 79; Sherry Hall, 143 (see also 185); Patrick Waltz, 146 (see also 89); Vince Townsend, Jr, 165

and as Clerk, Fred Rapport, 52

and heard but not seen, 214



Several actors appear twice, and others appear in single episodes as two characters. None of these is listed below.

The fact that the show producers were using actors over and over first came to my attention when I realized that Mary LaRoche had appeared in the first two seasons, then the third, and eventually five times in all. I never expected that so many actors would appear over and over again. We have completed searching all seasons for actors that appeared three or more times in the nine seasons.

Immediatly below are grouped 80 actors who appeared five or more times in the nine seasons, 271 episodes of

"Perry Mason in the Case of the . . ."

Below that are actors who appeared in 3 or four episodes

Mary LaRoche as Vicky Braxton 31, Lisa Hiller 57, Grace Norwood 70, Helen Garden 129, Donella Lambert 167

Ruta Lee as Connie Cooper 30, Millie Crest 54, Vita Culver 83, Vivian Cosgrave 170, Irene Prentice 237

H M Wynant as Daniel Conway 28, Wilton (Slim)[Joseph] Marcus 87, Dep D A Sampson 105 106 108, Max (Bleeker) 131, Gene Torg 154, Tobin Wade 186, Glen Holman 229, Mario Earle (called Tony) 244

William Boyett as Motor Cop 7, (Pete) Kelton 86, Sergeant (Ralph) Reynolds 107, Buck Osborn 136, Otto Norden 158, Police Officer 211, Police Sergeant 241, Detective 244

Harry Holcombe as Senator Deering 181, Mr Big 237 See also under Judges, 209 262 268

Robert Cornthwaite as Herbert Dean 3, Anders 75, Bill Worth 101, Carl Brunner 151, Duval 219

Douglas Evans as Don Ralston 8, Phil McCabe 46, Frank Patton 79, Capt Wilson 127, William Rice 161, Clerk 205, Salesperson 215, Magistrate 232

Les Tremayne as Fred Archer 29, Willard Nesbitt 113, Bernard Daniels 134, Lawrence Otis 169, George Browne 199, Ed Pierce 225, Harry Lannon 266

Robert Bice as Hurley (/Frank Faulkner) 3, 15, 56, Private Detective 75, Drake's Operative (Charlie) 77, Second Operative 112, Uniformed Man 220

Neil Hamilton as Bertrand Alred 35, Frank Livesey 68, Henry Noble 76, Ames 116, Fred McCormick 169, Grove Dillingham 209, Victor Billings 261

Dan Seymour as Harry Marlow 6, Carlos Silva 125, Markett 152, Pedro Dias 170, Leo Lazaroff 210, Croupier 237, Nappy Tyler 247

Harry Jackson as Harry Pitkin 18, Charles Goff 57, Roger Byrd 85, George Worthington 103, Matt Clark 143, Frank Locket 175

Vaughn Taylor as Mr Lewis Boles 1, Harry Folsom 40, Bishop Mallory 59, Ralph Duncan 110, Prof Sneider 131, Martin Weston 181, Sanford Harper 209, Montrose Taylor 224

Mark Roberts as Bob Kimber 6, James Castleton 55, Gabe Phillips and Otto Gavaert 146, Tod Richards 156, Wayne Jameson 182, Ben Scott 217, Irving Florian 255

Richard Geary as Interne 6, O N I Officer 92, Skin Diver 99, Searcher 124, Detective 126, First Seaman 131, Deputy Sheriff 135, Attendant 148, Diver 155, Diver 176, 3rd Police Officer 201, Scuba Fella 211, Scuba Diver 212

Alex Bookston as (Mr) Lewis 124, Druggist 155, Private Physician 173, Court Reporter 197, First Reporter 220, Station Master 236, Desk Clerk 243, 1st Reporter 261, Assistant Manager 267

Tom Palmer as Scott Shelby 26, George Palmer 46, Cmdr Reynolds 92, Charles Noymann 140, Frank MacManus 159, Attorney Roberts 230, Franklin Bates 267

Douglas Dick as Dane Grover 8, Fred Bushmiller 71, Peter Caine 109, Walter Richey 142, Ned Chase 177, Lester Ormsby 194, Ted Haberson 250

Lurene Tuttle as Anna Houser 32, Sarette Winslow 78, Emma Bailey 105, Sarah Breel 166, Josephine Kempton 239, Henry (Henny) McLeod 263

Gil/ Gilbert Frye as Marshall 22, Det Ralph Faulkner 29, Detective 31, Reporter 40, Faulkner 45, Police Officer 131, Desk Clerk 155, Apt Hotel Clerk 203, Chef 215, First Technician 238

Bartlett Robinson as Marshall Scott 55, Endicott Campbell 144, Emmett Pierson 164, Hudson Bradshaw 201, Sidney Hardwick 239, Edward "Pat" Patterson 259

David Lewis as George Alder 12, John Gifford 60, Deputy D A Mark Hanson 89, Albert McCann 179, Luke Balfour 191, A K Dudley 238, Wallis Lanphier 247

Paula Raymond as Helen Reynolds 52, Doris Shackley 72, Brenda Larken 118, Terry Faye 148, Katherine Ames 196

John Bryant as Bob Wallace 54, Stacey Chandler 56, George Clark 71, Larry Osborne 104, Arnold Keith 145, Mike Estridge 168

Harry Hunter as Dr Rubin 6, Barker 84, Avery Bellison 122, Mr Baxter 134, Attorney 181, Doctor 250, Reverend Alford 265

Norman Leavitt as Mr Redfield 1, Alexander Redfield 3, Ballistics expert, 75, Crime Lab Technician 117, Technician 170

Hugh Sanders as John Callender 15, Dion Bannion 47, Ken Bascombe 88, Warren Donner 101, John Grimsby 173

Ralph Moody as George L Ballard 17, (Harvey) Dennison 63, Jacob Wiltzy 75, Mr Morgan 192, Jenkins 221

Jesse White as Luke Hickey 46, Cecil 147, Burt Renshaw 165, Tony Cerro 237, Max Armistad 243

Clark Howat as Policeman 1 2, Sergeant Grant 24, Lt Col Fremont 120, Tower Man 200, Team Doctor 249

Geraldine Wall as Abigail E Leeds 14, Nell Gridley 64, Mrs Cartwright 114, Mrs Simms 152, Mrs Perkins 186, Mrs Stallman 250

Maurice Manson as Dr Granby 16, Charles and Arthur Sabin 50, Joseph Kraft 154, Mayor Orson Stillman 218, Jess Parkinson 267

Robert H Harris as Edmund Lacey 20, Aaron Hubble 48, Gordon Russell 92, Claude Demay 118, Jerry Janda 159, Harry Bronson 226, Marty Webb 251

Dabbs Greer as Dave Kirby 22, Hal Kirkwood 83, Charles Knudson 100, Buzz Farrell 134, Jack Tabor 179, Larsen Halstead 197, Dodson 233, Bill Cotton 269

Malcolm Atterbury as Sam Burris 7, Dennis Briggs 71, Alfred Needham 115, Maigret 141, Dell Harper 209

Sue England as Fay Allison 8, Switchboard Girl 99, Judy Baldwin 112, Fleta York 158, Recptionist 249

Berry/Barry Kroeger as Eugene Jarech 30, Ernest Wray 69, Donald J Evanson 95, Edgar Whitehead 114, Darius Tyson 171, Kirk Cameron 207, Rexford Wyler 223

Denver Pyle as Robert Crane 24, Tom Quincy 93, Tilden Stuart 124, Emery Fillmore 136, Frank Honer 183, Jackson Sidemark 271

Paul Langton as Harry Vance 24, Simon Atley 77, Deputy D A Telford 101, Prosecutor (Telford/)Green 117, Bertram Telford 150

Harry Townes as Bob Fleetwood 35, (Prosecutor) Grosvenor Cutter 99, Newton Bain 204, Colonel Owens 219, Erwin Brandt 259

Richard Erdman as Arthur Binney 34, Jim West 60 Charles (Monty) Montrose 146, Harry Niles 207, Ben Lucas 234, Jud Bennett 258

Simon Scott as George Metcalf 39, Charles Dameron 75, Elliot Dunbar 145, Rex Ainsley 214, Stanley Overton 269

Philip Ober as Ralph Davis 30, Peter Dawson 96, Albert Keller 110, Harvey Farrell 138, Sumner and Uncle Adrian Hodge 210

Hugh Marlowe as Brander Harris 55, Cmdr James Page 92, Jarvis Baker 149, Ernest Stone 182, Doctor Lambert 215, Guy Munford 248

Walter Burke as Freddie Green 57, James Blackburn 93, Jack Grabba 126, Panhandler (Kelso) 223, Man (Mr Adams) 270

Bruce Bennett as Lawrence Balfour 41, Dan Morgan 120, Matt Lambert 138, Malone 221, Reve Watson 247

Harlan Warde as Harold Harley 19, Sgt Kenyon 67, Connors 121, Desk Sergeant 227, Sgt Roddin 262

John Hoyt as Joseph Harrison 36, Phillip Reynolds 44, William Harper Caine 109, Darwin Norland 170, Thomas Webber 194

Jeanne Cooper as Laura Beaumont 40, Thelma Hill (Bell) 79, Ethel Belan 142, Mary Browne 199, Miriam Fielding 258

Jonathan Hole as Arthur Williams 26, Everett Wormser 67, Stanley Rodrick 96, Edward Link 165, Whitey 214

Francis De Sales as Dr Rose 37, George Fairbanks 55, Holbrook #2 95, Floyd Chapman 141, Doctor 235

Lori March as Helen Lessing 43, Paula Wallace 85, Edna Cutross 132, Olive Omstead 155, Madame Zilllia 203

Len Hendry as Officer 35, Policeman 41, Plainclothesman 96, Police Photographer 196, Police Officer 224, Officer #4 256

Robert Rockwell as Dick Benedict 66, Major Jerry Reynolds 120, Cole B Troy 139, Everett Rixby 163, Ed Purvis 244

Melora Conway as Clara Hammon 74, Lois Rogers 105, Amanda Thorpe 137, Ione Bedford 166, Alma Rice 213

John Zaremba as Autopsy Surgeon 139, Doctor Wales 153, Medical Examiner 176 and 198, Coroner's Physician 198

Lisa Gaye as Lola Bronson 123, Rita Magovern 131, Alyssa Laban 171, Joyce Hadley 194, Pamela Blair 217, Laraine Keely 258

Mala Powers as Claire Allison 66, June Sinclair 89, Janet Brent 162, Helen Bradshaw 201, Elaine Bayler 261

John Conte as Charles Pierce 90, Karl Addison 114, Kirby Evans 133, Roy Comstock 176, Jud Warner 249,

Jeanette Nolan as Mrs Kirby 22, Emma (Martha) Benson 104, Martha Blair 150, Erna Norton 158, Nellie 216, Emma Ritter 253

Rita Lynn as Lisa Ferrand 77, Myra Heston 100, Lydia Reynolds 145, Madge Eberly 181, Fern Bronwyn 268

Walter Mathews as Reporter No. 2 171, Second Reporter 179, First Reporter 187, Intern 244. Reporter 252

Charles Stroud as Court Clerk 113, 121, 123, 125, 128, 149, 151, 161, 197, 203, 213, 244 and as Man No 1 184, Policeman 219, Animal Regulation Man 239, Ad Lib Man 255

Virginia Field as Irene Collaro 36, Anita Carpenter 103, Sylvia Walker 129, Angela Renshaw Fernaldi 165, Ramona Carver 205, Madame Sonya Galinova 264

Constance Towers as Jonny ("Joan-ee") Baker 126, Esther Metcalfe 168, Natalie Graham 211, Joanne Pennington 220, Leona Devore 242

Gregory Morton as Dr Paul Hogathy 149, Amos Waldemar 171, Joseph Rinaldi 193, Steve Radom 236, Wolfgang Stromm 253

Parley Baer as Seward Quentin 124, Edward Farraday 140, David Bickel 161, Willard Hupp 192, Ian Jarvis 229, Frank Cummings 269

William Woodson as Dr Jackman 150, Commentator 171, Coroner's Physician 182, Medical Examiner 215, Dr Willard Shelby 247

Douglas Henderson as Ralph Curtis 78, Felix Heidemann 102, Peter Gregson 143, Dwight Garrett 177, Frank Jones 240, Greg Stanley 270

Arch Johnson as John Ruskin 99, Karl Magovern 131, Gerald Thornton 173, Marvin Fremont 197, Frank Carruthers 265

Allison Hayes as Sadie Bradford 87, Jane Weeks 140, Pearl Chute 154, Stella Radom 236, Cho Sin 242

Seamon Glass as Policeman 162, 2nd Police Officer 201, Officer 209, Karl Lewis 229, Joe 251, Driver 265

Don Dubbins as Hartley Elliott 121, Kenneth (Dalgran) 150, Ned Bartell 168, Burt Blair 238, Bill Vincent 246, Bill Vincent 259, Deputy D A Vincent 268

Ben Cooper as Frank Wells 125, Davis(David) Crane 152, James Grove 165, Jasper 241. Lowell Rupert 254

Paul Fix as D A/Prosecutor (Darwin) Hale 7, 45, 115, 138, 180

Pepper Curtis as Guest 153, Blonde 156, Receptionist 180, Waitress 205, Secretary 237

June Vincent as Martha Rayburn 29, Victor Bannion 47, Madge Wainwright 77, Laura Randall, 112, Chloris Bryant 138

Arthur Franz as Danny Harrison 46, Richard Vanaman 76, Major (James) Henderson 107, Evans 140, Ray Ogilvie 200

Phillip Terry as Peter Heywood 61, Robert Doniger 84, Lawrence Kent 109, Latham Reed 141, Rolf Thorson 264

John Harmon as Fingerprint Man 74, Frank Wilton 87, Lab Technician 134, Expert 147 and 191, Fingerprint Expert 170 and 196

Below are 282 actors who appeared in three or four episodes of "Perry Mason in the Case of the . . ."

Paul Genge as Det Davis 27, Sergeant 41, Inspector Wade 143, Bud 260

Benson Fong as Gow Loong 25, James Hing 58, Itsubi Nogata 73, Oolong Kim 111

Jacques Aubuchon as Felix Karr 67, George Gage 155, Victor Bundy 203, Roger Brody 216

Richard Hale as George Lutts 34, Addison Balfour 41, Robert Tepper 80, Abner Gordon 215

Helen Brown as Mrs Strome 22, Mrs Hollister 110, Carlotta Jackson 144

Eve McVeagh as Nora Fleming 7, Laura Richards 54, Saleswoman 84

Osa Massen as Lisa Bannister 27, Sarah Werner 51, Lisa Pedersen 141

Virginia Vincent as Harriet Bain 21, Virginia Trent 51, Ruth Walters 81

John Archer as Frank Maddox 2, Major Frank Lessing 43, J R Bradbury 79, Henry Arnold 244

Nelson Olmsted as Arthuyr Colemar 96, Catman Jasper 121, Dr Hunterlin 135, Dr Lewis 192

Joey Ray as Detective 2, Workman 22, Policeman 33

Maggie Hayes as Sybill Granger 3, Vivian Bell 93, Joyce Gilbert 102

Sam Flint as Mr Rector 3, Banker 90, Welkes 19, Old Man 244

Don Beddoe as George Norris 4, Dr Blane 45, Carter Farraday 140

June Dayton as Myrna Davenport 10, Sue Hardisty 45, Frances Vanaman 76, Alice Gorman 98

William Schallert as (Donald) Graves 5, Dr Bradbury 120, Len Dykes and Herman Dickson 147

Paul Bryar as Sgt (Geroge) Wilbur 5, Sgt Bender 42, (Sgt) Burdett 197

Peggy Maley as Lora Florey 6, Edna Freeman 44, Margo Laurence 56

Anne Barton as Mildred Kimber 6, Carolyn Ellis 49, Nora Bradley 72, Bebe Brent 190

Ralph Clanton as Mervyn Aldrich 1, Charles brewster 49, Roger McClaine101, Karl Corby 161

Don Anderson as Policeman 6, Attorney 77, Bartender 214

John Cliff as Guard Hess 12, Guard 194, Bus Driver 231

John Stephenson as Ed Davenport 10, Grant Reynolds 52, Frank Avery 84

Martha Wentworth as Motel Manager 10, Mrs Lyle 40, Landlady 73

Rebecca Welles as Rita Norge 10, Carol Delaney 59, Carol Taylor 81, Edith Bristol 111, Leslie Eden 207

Herbert C Lytton as Dr (Jackson) Lambert 15, Mr Corby 40, and without middle C Motel Clerk 135

Robert Karnes as Deputy D A (Victor) Chamberlin 103 104 111 112

James Anderson as Peter Handsell 9, Frank Anderson 42, Stan Piper 98

Barbara Pepper as Mrs Dale 9, Mrs Diamond 119, Fat Woman (Mrs Dwyer) 134, Mrs Williamson 168

Barry Atwater as Dr (Bob) Denair 16, Robert Benson 65, George Albert 111, Prof (Ronald) Hewes 168

John Holland as Carver Clement 8, Clinton Forbes 62, Voss 118, Bruno Grant 270

Robert Ellenstein as John Addison 9, Arthur Cartright 62, Medical Examiner (McBride) 91

Whit Bissell as Larry Sands 11, Max Pompey 100, Dennison Groody 247

Sarah Selby as Louise Ansel 10, Mrs (Dora) Ames 98, Woman Clerk 268

James Griffith as Arthur Dorian 12, Walter Hutchings 132, Jack Randall 232, Jack Stearns 268

Joan Banks as Karen Alder 12, Valerie Brewster 49, Mrs Manley 86, Rhonda Houseman 134

James Nolan as Meeker 15, Attendant 39, Deputy 44, Policeman (George) 68

John Pickard as Sergeant Neil 17, Sheriff Keller 88, Detective Boykins 155, Sheriff 192

Robert Carson as Sgt Bent 9, Lawrence David 51, Warden 101, Capt Lansing 127

Christine White as Nadine (Marshall) 16, Rhoda Reynolds 44, Alice Carson 73

Walter Coy as Lester Newburn 16, Denver Leonard 83, Gabe Rawson 100, Mr Lawson 176

Douglas Kennedy as Sgt Jaffrey 13, Steven Boles 41, Lucky Sterling 85, Brandy Duncan 232

Peter Leeds as Bill Emory 17, Lou Corporale 78, Photographer 175

Virginia Gregg as Sheila Cromwell 18, Mrs Osborn 130, Mrs Vickers 175, Flo Oliver 252

James Seay as Ross Hollister 18, Dr (Michael) Harris 44, Ralph Hibberty 70

Jeanne Bates as Western Union Clerk 18, Miss Clay 30, Jean Strague 45

Grant Richards as Jerrry Heywood 19, Capt Kennedy 43, George Sherwin(/Shearing) 126

Fredd Wayne as Tanner 19, Jack Hardisty 45, William Gowrie 87, Roger Phillips 112

Kathy Crowley as Marilyn Clark 20, Lillian Bradisson 184, Grace Knapp 256

Betty Lou Gerson as Agnes Sims 20, Marjorie Davis 54, Trudie Braun 117

Carl Benton Reid as Ned Bain 21, Victor Logan 90, John Wilburn 172

Larry Blake as Smith 22, Officer 85, Plainclothesman 224

Bethel Leslie as Janet Morris 22, Evelyn Girard 48, Sylvia Sutton 82

James Bell as J J Stanley 21, P E Overbrook 35, Zack Davis 81, Silas Vance 100

Dorothy Green as Diana Maynard 23, Ida Albright 119, Carlotta Theilmann 139

Paul Picerni as Charles Gallagher 23, Sgt Joseph Dexter 43, Walter Jefferies 192

Ray Kellog as Detective 23, Richard Hyett 49, George Sanborne 79, Jim Hazlett 118

Constance Ford as Helen Reed 24, Frances 80, Sylvia Thompson 183

Abraham Sofaer as Dr. Maitland 24, Sylvester Robey 89, Elihu Laban 171

Anthony Jochim as Elston Carr 25, Peter Baxter 58, Makeup Man 267

Barbara Lawrence as Ellen Waring 26, Gloria Barton 47, Lori Stoner 118, Mrs Theilmank 139

Josephine Hutrchinson as Leona Walsh 30, Miriam Baker 67, Miss Sarah 115,

Werner Klemperer as Stefan Riker 27, Ulric Zenas 71, Hurt 219

Wendell Holmes as Dr Forbes 27, Howard Evans 43, District Attorney Williams 88

Marie Windsor as Linda Griffith 28, Edie Morrow 141, Mrs Helen Reed 194

Jacqueline Scott as Amelia Armitage 28, Sally Wilson 53, Kathi Beecher 80

George Cisar as Mr Wickett 29, Neighbor 198, Bartender 249

John Alvin as Sam Walsh 29, Bank Teller 84 and 154 Manager 128

Maurice Wells as Andrew Dale 32, Doctor 153, First Man 234, Golf Official 259

Noel Drayton as Purser (Mr Frank Buchanan) 32, Ellis 133, Art Expert 187, Mr Costelni 227

Phil Arnold as Apartment Manager (Harris) 30, Smitty 139, Mechanic 257

Joe De Santis as George Castle 33, Melvin Slater 52, Louie Parker 236

Carol Anderson as Model 33, The Model 46 Model No 4 193

Wally Brown as Harry Mitchell 34, John Givney 113, Mr Morgan (Manager) 130

Frances Helm as Bernice Archer 35, Linda Kennedy 46, Helene Osborne 104

Fay Wray as Ethel Harrison 36, Lorna Thomas 71, Mignon Germaine 232

Herbert Rudley as George Durrell 36, Edward Nelson 84, Ben Farraday 140, Charles Noymann 159

Josephine Hutchinson as Laura Walsh 30 Miriam Baker 68, Miss Sarah 115 Amelia Corning 144

Ann Doran as Claire Durrell 36, Mrs Cornelia Slater 163, Nell Wyatt 184

Chet Stratton as Mr Alcorn 36, Hotel Clerk 69, Charles Grant 125, Minister 267

Dean Casey as Det Sanchez 36, Shore Patrolman 92, Henry Bartlett 109

Irene Hervey as Helen Bartlett 37, Grace Davies 124, Jill Garson

Phyllis Coates as Norma Carter 37, Frieda Crawson 117, Inez Fremont 197

Joan Camden as Donna Knox 39, Ruth Whitaker 40, Miriam Ames 116

Arthur Space as WIllard Scott 39, James Morrow Sr 67, Leonard (Brooks) 182, Edgarton Cartwell 213

King Calder as Maury Lewis 39, Dr Ralph Caldwell 65, Floyd Gordon 85, William Carter 197

Kitty Kelly as Millie Foster 39, Ethel Mowry 152, Agnes Newton 187, Landlady 244

Sid Tomack as Victor Kowalski 39, Night Clerk 79, Rudi Tripp 108

Joan Staley as Roberta Quinn 40, Judith 84, Gina Gilbert 153, Sally (Adams) 157

Kevin Hagen as Sgt Burke 43, Jacob Leonard 237, Samuel Carleton 253

Ted Stanhope as Realtor 90, Pawn Broker 174. Maitre d' 205, Waiter 239, Butler 259

Robert Armstrong as Walter Haskell 43, Capt Bancroft 127, Jimmy West 156, Phil Jenks 195

Russell Thorson as Lt Col Brice 43, Mel Topham 64, Farrell Moorefield 202

Casey Adams as Carl Reynolds 44, Burt Stokes 101, Frank Logan 127

Charles Cooper as Philip Strague 45, Greg Evans 70, Ben Willoughby 143

Robert Foulk as Sheriff Elmore 45, Vogel 127, Delehanty 180, Sergeant Deputy 239

Phil Chambers as Dr Ritchie 45, Anderson 113, Girard 245

Donald Murphy as Wayne Gordon 48, Dr Philip Stark 231, Francis Clune 260

Jason Johnson as District Attorney R Sprague 50, Clerk 80, Second Senator 181

Fern Barry as Mrs Cunningham 46, Helen (Maid) 160, Maid 198, Esther Larson 217

Stacy Harris as Frank Curran 46, Frank Brooks 60, Ed Brigham 128

Peter Breck as Clay Eliot 167, William Sherwood 207, Peter Warren 237

Frank Ferguson as Sheriff Barnes 50, Prof Laiken 113, Sheriff Orville Ramsey 167, Walter Coffee 228

George Macready as Milo Girard 48, Charles Slade 114, Dr Vincent Kenyon 132, Roscoe Pearce 177

Barry Brooks as Dealer 51, Policeman 65, Hastings 81, Man 176, Croupier 213, Second Man 234

Sheila Bromley as Agnes Nulty 52, Mrs Colin 75, Elizabeth Dow 144, Alice Bradley 19, Mrs Talbert 236

Robert Bray as Carl Davis 54, Mitch Heller 148, Martin Walden 180

Kathryn Givney as Matilda Benson 65, Amelia Harkens 89, Wilma Gregson 143

Paul Barselow as John(/Ben) Penner 112, Resident 132, Expert 175, Coroner's Physician 213

Barton MacLane as Senator Baylor 54, Sheriff Eugene Norris 80, Harold Minter 191, Archer Osmond 225

Bobby Troup as Buzzie 57, Bongo White 126, Smitty 240

Don Dillaway as Robert Riley 56, Charley Cass 74, Ramsey 141, First Reporter 250

Robert Knapp as Stuart Baxter 58, Charles Lambert 167, James Bradisson 184

Bill Erwin as Paint Store Clerk (Nelson) 58, Morrison Findlay 86, Superintendent 119

Dick Foran as Dr David Craig 61, Steve Benton 72, Harlan Merrill 136

Ken Lynch as Wallace Long 59, Robert Hayden 94, Wendel 189

Marianne Stewart as Edith Douglas 61, Helen Sprague 70, Phyllis Hudson 112

Wilton Graff as Cleveland Blake 55, Wade Taylor 81, Hugo Burnette 99

Allen Case as Ronny Fowler 61, James Wheleler 173, Adam Conrad 225

Andrea King as Barbara Heywood 61, Catherine Locke 99, Enid Markham 126, Jean Crewe 172

Frank Hagney as Watchman 62, 2nd Man 80, 1st Workman 141

John McKee as Faulkner 61, Woodfern 143, Officer 191, Policeman 263

Ann Rutherford as Evelyn (Cartright) Forbes 62, Judith Thurston 80, Ellen Chase 147, Mona Hodge 210

Dean Harens as Frenk Fettridge 63, Tad Dameron 75, Morgan Riley 101, Daniel Buckley 243

John Anderson as Geroge Andrews 63, Bud Ferrand 77, Dan O'Malley 178

George Neise as Wilfred Borden 63, George Huxley 120, Morley Theilman 139, Stacey Garnett 255

Russ Bender as Sgt Givens 64, Policeman 97, Chief Haterty 115, Deputy Bowman 150

Stafford Repp as Phillip Morgan 64, Frederick Halstead 87, Bartender 141, Shipping Agent 151

Patrick McVey as San Diego DA W B Covington 68, George Belding Baxter 188, Harry Mordeg 213

Dennis Patrick as Martin Selkirk 66, Prosecutor (Daryl Teshman) 83, Martin Somers 141, Chick (Bob) Farley 259

K T Stevens as Ethel (Carter) Garvin 68, Margit Bruner 151, Alice Munford 248

Naomi Stevens as Fanny Werbler 113, Agnes 143, Mrs Kransdorf 200

Julie Adams as Valerie Comstock 176, Janice Barton 185, Janice Blake 212, Patricia L Kean 243

Jennifer Howard as Lorraine Jennings 66, Judith (Thatcher) 75, Milly Nash 108, Madilon Haines Shelby 164

Anne Whitfield as Alice Trilling 211, Joanna Monford 217, Patricia Tanner 270

Ed Prentiss as Dr Bayliss 62, Judge Holmes 138, Taped Voice193

Willard Sage as Robert Dawson 14, Dan Myers 53, Tony Gilbert 102

Alan Hewitt as Fred Petrie 76, Bruce Sheridan 112, Curt Ordway 232

Steve Brodie as Ben Wallace 72, Eddie Lewis 148, Quinn Torrey 181

Wynn Pearce as Larry Benton 72, Lester Martin 105, Carl Griffin 175, Dorian York 202

Joe di(/De) Reda as Eddie Davis 47, Edgar Beals 73, Phil Edwards 116

Jack Carol as Technician 73, First Reporter 234, Third Reporter 250

Harry Tyler as Court Clerk 7 & 45, "Pop" Abbott 74

Bill/William Idelson as Police Technician 77, Autopsy Surgeon 106, Ticket Agent 194,

Holly Harris as Actress 74, Doctor's Wife 153, Matron No 2 185, Woman Bystander 241

Bruce Gordon as Frank Thatcher 75, Judson Bailey 105, Mr (George C) Winlock 224

Maura McGiveney as Yvonne (Lacoste) 77, Waitress 122, Miss York 130, Gloria Winters 176

Isabel Randolph as Mrs Vandercord 89, Lottie Porter 214, Madam Rosa Bruenig 268

Joyce Meadows as Sylvia Welles 76, Carole Moray 204, Audrey Stemple 226

Thom Carney as Officer 76, Policeman 141, Salesman 248

Vera Marshe as Maid 78 & 192, Woman 132, Woman Apartment Manager 223, Mrs Alford 265

Lisabeth Hush as Marjorie Cluny 79. Roberta Harper 164, Lorraine Lawton 197

Ray Hemphill as Phil Beecher 80, Henry Battle 139, Officer Two 264

John Dennis as (Deputy) Ward Lewis 80, Lt Sophia 139, Police Lieutenant 169

Patricia Barry as Janice Atkins 81, Dorine Hopkins 122, Eva Belter 175

Frank Maxwell as Harry Scott Wilson 82, Joe Dixon 106, Dr Mooney 133

Philip Bourneuf as Asa Culver 83, Edgar Thorne 174, Victor Montalvo 255

Byron Palmer as Charles Houston 85, Charles Sistrom 109, Harper Green 196

Frances Morris as Miss Carlisle 86, Landlady (Miss Jefferson) 211, Matron 214

John Dall as Julian Kirk 153, Edward Franklin 162, Colin Durant 187, Roan Daniel 242

Elisabeth Fraser as Hazel Bascombe 88, Eloise Brent 190, Estelle Paige (/Gaige) 260

Ben Wright as Walter Lumis 38, Crawford Wright 88, Clarence Keller 123

Patricia Huston as Doris Petrie 76, Mona Henderson 107, Claire Adams 151, Lydia Laurence 220

Elizabeth Harrower as Woman Artist 89, Woman Apt Manager 111, Mrs Mangan 163, Sadie Noymann 218

Linda Leighton as Ellen Foster 90, Jill Farwell 106, Sarah Thomas 231, Mrs Hyatt 245

Myrna Fahey as Lydia Logan 90, Grace Halley 119, Myrna Warren 237, Holly Andrews 257

Leslie Parrish as Hope Sutherland 91, Vivian Ames 125, Veronica Temple 134

Jack Ging as Robert Chapman 92, James Kincannon 114, Danny Pierce 153

Russ Conway as Cmdr Jerome Burke 92, Fred Swan 115, Deputy Sheriff 183

Robert Emhardt as J J Flaherty 93, Frank Appleton 219, Arthur Wendell 247

Claude Stroud as Jeff Douglas 93, Masters 134, Bolton 188

Henry Norell as Frederick Bell 93, Courtney Osgood 173, Jarvis Nettle Gilmore 196

Gertrude Flynn as Mrs Nichols(/Nicholas) 94, Sylvia Lambert 167, Agatha Culpepper 189, Rosalind; Mrs. Hedrick 259

Lee Farr as Chet Stark 116, Jerry Griffin 127, Nicholas Blake 155, Randolph James 201. Glen Arcott 250

Henry Beckman as David 95, (Sid) Garth 140, Albert King 240, William March 267

William Allyn as Wally Harper 95, Robert Haskell 135, David Pinter 180, Elliot Forrest 229

Jim Drum as 1st Reporter 108, Ambulace Driver 131, Plainclothesman (Evans) 188, Photographer 269

Bert Freed as Ken Woodman 96, Edward(/Harry) Parker 116, Carl Holman 143, Joe Marshall 225

Katherine Squire as Clara Thorpe 97, Vera Hargrave 199. Esther Norden 240

Russell Arms as Everett Dorrell 97, Roger Correll 178, Reed Kavanaugh 258

Vinton Hayworth as Marvin Claridge 97, Wendell Harding 108, Homer Corbin 142

Kenneth Tobey as Prosecutor 98, Deputy D A Alvin 102, Asst Dist Attorney Alvin 162

Otto Kruger as J J Gideon 122, August Dalgran 150, Tim Balfour, Sr 191, Judge Norris 212

Phil Arthur as Si Farrell 122, Ralph Townley 133, Joe Billings 241, Pit Boss 265

Linden Chiles as Joe Davies 124, Herbert Simms 152, Vernon Elliot 172, Clyde Darrell 229

Bek Nelson as Miriam Coffey 124, Janice Edley 130, Dana Kent 207

Victor Buono as Alexander Glovatski 146, John Sylvester Fossette 205, Nathon Fallon 239, Ben Huggins 262

Alan Baxter as Whitney Locke 99, Eugene Houseman 134, Roger Gray 212, Gordon Sellers 257

Coleen Gray as Lorraine Kendall 101, Olga Jordan (Corbin) 142, Linda Sutton 200, Martha Erskine 265

Jan Shepard as Joane Proctor 155, Paulette Nevin185, Margaret Foster 213, Marge Leonard 251

Baynes Barron as The Man 105, Charlie Bender 131, (Frank) Chowen 189

John Truax as The Stranger 105, Guard 179, Taxi Driver 213

Michael Harris as Deputy Sheriff 106, Sgt Bruce 177, Cameraman 202, Blake Leonard 251

Robert Brown as Frank Sykes 107, Goring Gilbert 187, Tracey Walcott 215

Paul Lambert as Ben Nicholson 108, Lawrence Vander 136, Del Compton 241

Tom Fadden as Gus Nickels 95, Beller 115, Watchman 145, Cooper 210

Diana Millay as Debra Bradford 109, Sue Ellen 137, Eula Johnson 192

Liam Sullivan as Lloyd Farrell 110, Tom Gilrain 128, Dickie Durham 160

Virginia Christine as Helen Duncan 110, Beth Sandover 157, Edith Summers 191

Gloria Talbott as Eve Nesbitt 113, Anne Gilrain 128, Bonnie Lloyd 177, Minna Rohan 266

James Millhollin as Ben Otis 113, Prof Grove 135, Floorwalker 166

Merry Anders as Adele Bentley 114, Sadie Hepner 142, Joyce Carlton 203

Alexander Lockwood as Doctor 114, Dr Stevenson 204, Deputy 247

Roy Roberts as W L Picard 115, Arthur Janeel 127, Henry Thomas 231, Harvey Skeen 249

Jeff York as Pete Mallory 116, Scot(/Scott) Cahill 131, Ross Walker 202

Jason Evers as Stuart Benton 116, Clint Miller 132, Roy Galen 222

Francis X Bushman as Lawrence King 95, Courtney Jeffers 104, Philip 199

Eddie Quillan as Bookkeeper (Abner) Keller 117, Photographer 140, Agent 268

Art Lewis as Immigration Clerk 117, M C 128, Man 197

Ralph Manza as Dr Prince 117, Dr Lieberson 167, Amos Elwell 194, Yard Man 214

Percy Helton as Pawnbroker 118, Asa Cooperman 130, Hotel Desk Clerk 235

Jeanne Bal as Helen Rand 120, Linda Carey 148, Vera Wynne 229, Rosemary Welch 250

Diane/Dianne Foster as Nelly Lawton 152, Lori Richards 156, Elaine Meacham 216, Linda Blakely 252

Chuck Webster as Sgt Brice 49 and 53, but is never called "Sgt Brice." Webster is called only "officer" by Hamilton Burger in episode 53, Gustavson 152

John Lasell as Charlie Corby 152, Dean Franklin 222, Danny Shine 270

Edmon Ryan as Jerome Stokes 152, Arthur Morrell 158, Lewis Ames 196

John Larkin as Jay Fenton 150, John Kenyon 178, Otto Olney 187, Todd Meacham 216

Jackie Coogan as Gunner Grimes 128, Gus Sawyer 181, Ron Litten 200, Pete Desmond 271

James Forrest as Philip Paisley 129, Phil Schuyler 159, Tudor Sherwin 189

Richard Eastham as Prosecutor Parness 130, Roland Canfield 227, Oliver Stope 251

Peter Whitney as Roger Gates 130, Stefan "Big Steve" Jahnchek 161, Capt Otto Varnum 240

Ron Kennedy as Ben Wylie 131, Joe Velvet 208, Male Nurse 234

Frank Gerstle as Allen 131, Det Steve Toland 158, Sgt Steve Toland 208

Stuart Erwin as Austin Durrant 132, Clem Sandover 157, Everett Stanton 214, Henry Simmons 246

Don Lynch as Deputy 132, Traffic Officer 175, Third Officer 227, Policeman 238

Strother Martin as Pete Gibson 135, Joe Mead 164, Gerald Sommers 184, Roy Hutchinson 248,

Dick Whittinghill as Glenn McCoy 121, Jerry 135, Barman 227

Ronald Long as Arthur Hennings 136, Myron Baker 177, Franz Hoffer 253

Gerald Mohr as (Joe) Medeci 137, Austin Lloyd 177, Alan Durfee 219, Andy Rubin 271

Linda Burton as Starlet 2 226 & 271, Student Nurse 260

Kelly Thordsen as Sheriff Ward Vincent 138, Sheriff Watson 163, Sheriff Ward Vincent 186

Elaine Devry as Janice Wainwright 139, Terry Clover 177,Sylvia Gwynne 202

Lauren Gilbert as Henry Cosgrove 140, Mr Ryan 186, Dave Bronwyn 268

Will J White as Sailor 140, M P Sgt 219, Deputy DA 262

Karl Swenson as Axel Norstaad 141, Corley Ketchum 188, Charles Norman 215, Unk Hazekian 249

Tommy Farrell as Salesman 141, Robert Fordney177, Herbert Baker 202, Jefferson 239, TV Reporter 247, Reporter 249

William Tracy as Motel Manager 141, Man 154, Photographer 213

Lisa Davis as Secretary 141, Receptionist 172 & 268, Girl Skier 200

Joan Tompkins as Florence Holman 143, Emily Green 185, Sadie Norman 215

as First Officer 143, Fisherman 189, Policeman 190

Ford Rainey as Russell Durham 160, Harry Trilling 211, Randolph Cartwell 213, Dr Fisher 243

Blair Davies as Austin Cullens 166, John Marshall Baxter 186, Prosecutor 209, C. A. Woodmire 261

William Keene as Bank Teller 150, Rogers 205, Mr Kenneth 232

Jeff Morrow as Franz Lachman 151, Alex Chase 159, Lawton Brent 190

Robert Harland as Ken Judson 178, Todd Baylor 193, Bill Jaris 218

Willis Robards as Mr Baker 186, Banker 217, Alvin McCauley 264

Raymond Greenleaf as (Edward) Norton 5, Judge 42,Rare Book Curator 154

Kathie Browne as Donna Loring(/Ross) 103, Carla Eden 190, Lona Upton 227

Lee Bergere as James Wall 181, Dr (Charles) Nevin 185, Dr George Devlin 234

David Macklin as Boy 180, Dyker 205, Mike Sommers 212, Ron Peters 252

Anthony Caruso as Keith Lombard 156, Enrico Bacio 233, Harvey Rettig 251

Joseph Sirola as George Hale 156, Bill Sheridan 183, Dr Raul Caudere 247

Richard Reeves as Potkin 157, Taxi Cab Driver 222, 2nd Truck Driver 231

Leonard Stone as Jerel Leland 158, Arthur Sutton 195, Al Siebring 226, Harlan Kean 256

Lloyd Corrigan as Rudy Mahlsted 159, Harvey Forrest 186, Gerald Shore 235

Eddie Firestone as Leonard Buckman 159, Jenkins 186, Phil Morton 219

Orville Sherwood as Kirkwood 159, Hotel Clerk 193, Mr Link 231

Bill Williams as Mike Preston 145, Floyd Grant 167, Charles Shaw 234, Burt Payne 249

Peter Mamakos as Nick Paolo 161, Juan Carlos Ramirez 219, Olaf Deering 260

Walter Stocker as Van Bennett 161, 1st Police Officer 201, Charlie Horgan 261

Shirley Mitchell as Saleswoman 166, Ticket Woman 187, Elizabeth Bain 204, Marilyn David 247

John Howard as Hugh Jamison 145, Dr Guy Omstead 155, Justin Grover 190, Harley Leonard 225

Burt Metcalf as Richard Campion 165, John Lathrop 208, Jeff Mills 227

Mona Freeman as Jane Wardman 163, Rosanne Ambrose 206, Ellen Payne 249

Carlos Romero as Raul Perez 170, Nonno Volente 214, Ricardo Arena 260

Henry Travis as T V Reporter 171, TV Announcer 183, 1st Spectator 222

Jack Fife as Man No 2 184, Campaign Worker No 2 213. Man at Airport 241

Max Showalter as Clarence Henry 174, Talbot Sparr 211, Charles Judd 236

Meg Wylie as Mrs Margaret Stone 161, Ninevah Stone 182, Marguerite Keith 225, Mrs Webb 256

Benny Baker as John Flickinger 183, Jerome Bentley 237, Jerry Ormond 247

Dee Hartford as Leslie Ross 195, Lois Gray 212, Rhonda Coleridge 254

Anthony Eisley as Howard Kern 203, Vince Rome 212, Rudy Blair 268

Jamie Forster as Judge Norwood (7), 45, (64), (180)

Carl Prickett as Oscar Pickering 187, Rufus Findlay 213, Operations Clerk 258, Mark 261

Gilbert Green as Chester Brent 190, Harlan Talbot 222, Dr Malcolm Scranton 254

Hal Baylor as Proprietor 191, First Truck Driver 231, Jack David 247

Lindsay/Lindsey Workman as Wilber Fenwick 96, Yacht Steward 187, House Man 193

Phyllis Hill as Mrs Katherine Stewart 194, Rachael Gordon 215, Alma Farley 259

Richard Devon as Marion Devlin 201, Neil Howard 232, Ed Kesko 261

Lester Dorr as Bailiff 202, Bartender 229, Photographer 250

John Napier as Tommy Stiller 203, Bruce Jay 215, Mark Chester 244

Larry Barton as Clerk 205, Second Technician 238, Spectator 264


Restless Redhead

Evelyn Bagby

Whitney Blake

Helene Cheney

Gloria Henry

Mrs (Vinnie) Boles

Jane Buchanan

Sgt Holcomb

Dick Rich

Mary Thompson

Helen Mayon

Drake's Operator

Lorraine Martin

(Joe, the parking attendant



Sleepwalker's Niece

Peter Cole

John McNamara

Doris Cole

Hillary Brooke

Edna Hammar

Nancy Hadley

Steve Harris

Darryl Hickman

Lucile Mays

Helen Mowery

Ralph Duncan

Thomas B Henry

Phillip Kendall

Harry Hickox


Tony Michaels


Fred Graham

(Maid Margaret



Nervous Accomplice

Roxy Howard

Greta Thyssen

Bruce Granger

William Roerick

Vinnie Dean

Jean Howell

Jerome Keddie

James Gavin

Ruth Marvel

Claudia Bryar

Sam Elkins

Tyler McVey

Fenton Thompson

George Eldredge


Gail Bonney


Drowning Duck

Lois Reed

Carol Kelly


Tom London

Clyde Waters

Victor Sutherland

Helen Waters

Carolyn Craig

Martha Norris

Paula Winslow

Marv Adams (/Adam)

Gary Vinson

Donald Briggs

Harry Landers

Mrs Adams

Olive Blakeney

Chief Glass

Rusty Lane


Phillip Tonge

Dr Creel

Joseph Forte


Helen Hatch


Clifford Botelho


Sulky Girl

Fran Celane

Olive Sturges

Clara (Mayfield)

Lillian Bronson

(Arthur) Crinston

Robert Griffin

Rod Gleason

Brian Hutton

Officer (Frank)Delaney

Bob Kline

Police Surgeon

Larry Thor


Dick Winslow

(D A Burger's assistant





Silent Partner


Cyril Delevanti

Sam (or Tom) Lynk

Michael Emmet

Mack Fried

Joe Abdullah

Ginger Key

Dawn Richard


Dan Sheridan

Veteran Reporter (Smitty)

Jimmy McCallion

Girl Reporter

Janet Stewart

Mr Henry

Ed Stevlingson

Miss Carling

Jann Darlyn

Mr Curtis

Charles Franc

Fire Chief

Joe Quinn




Angry Mourner

Belle Adrian

Sylvia Field

Sheriff (Bert) Elmore

James Westerfield

Marion Keats

Joan Weldon

Betsy Burris

Dorothy Adams

Carla Adrean

Barbara Eden

Harvey Delano

Peter Nelson

George Lansing

Addison Richards

Mark Cushing

Eric Sinclair




Crimson Kiss

Anita Bonsal

Jean Willes

Shirley Tanner

Gloria McGhee

Vera Payson

Joi Lansing

Louise Marlow

Frances Bavier

Lab Man (Harlan)

John Harman

Dr (Bill) Howley

Howard Culver


Vagabond Vixen

Veronica Dale

Carol Leigh

Myrtle Northrup

Peggy Converse

Lorraine Ferrell

Catherine McLeod

Edgar Ferrell

Paul Cavanagh

Print Man

Perry Ivins


Russell Trent


Runaway Corpse

Dr Renault

James Maloney

Jason Beckmeyer

Adam Williams

Mr. Medford

William Challee

Officer Boom

Keith Alan

Dr Mitchell

Robin Morse


Jack Kenney


Crooked Candle

Martha Bradford

Nancy Gates

Rita (Wassell)[Bradford]

Doris Singleton

Jack Harper

Robert Clarke


Francis McDonald

(George) Nikolides

Henry Cordon

Joe Bradford

Bruce Cowling


Helene Santley


Hal Taggart

(D A Burger's stenographer



Negligent Nymph


Irene Calvillo

Sally Fenner

Peggy Castle

Nina Santos

Nadja Posey

Dr Murray

Forrest Lewis


Robert Tafur


Troy Melton


Elvira Corona

Police Photographer

Michael Kopcha


Moth-Eaten Mink

Morey Allen

Robert Osterloh

Dixie Dayton

Kay Faylen

Frank Hoxie

Than Wyenn

Mae Nolan

Roxanne Arlen

George Fayette

Marc Krah

Parking Attendant

Brian Hutton

Drake's Operator

Lyn Guild


Baited Hook

Carol Stanley

Judith Braun

Richard Ellis

Alfred Hopson

Enid Shaw

Mary Castle

Albert Tydings

George Neise


Peg Whitman


Lyle Latell


Frank Marlowe


Maurice McEndree

(Policeman at fire plug


(Parking attendant Jerry


(Greybar building super


(Tragg's backup




Fan-Dancer's Horse

Lois Fenton

Susan Cummings

Arthur Sheldon

Scott Elliott

Cherie Chi-Chi

Judy Tyler


Minerva Urecal

Jasper Fenton

John Brinkley

Sgt Holcomb

Rusty Westcoatt


Demure Defendant

Capt Hugo

Clem Bevans

Marian Newburn

Fay Baker

John Locke

Sherwood Price

(Uncle Martin) Wellman

Alexander Campbell

(Dr) Korbell

Steven Geray

Stand Owner

Joe Mell

Ballistic's Man (Sgt Davis)

Paul Hahn


Ashley Cowan


John Mitchum

Miss Wilson

Lida Piazza

Arthur Lindner

Rickie Sorensen

Small Girl

Leilani Sorensen


Sun Bather's Diary

Arlene Dowling

Susan Morrow

Dr (Ralph) Chandler

Carl Betz

Helen Rucker

Gertrude Michael

Tom Sackett

Paul Brinegar

Detective Myers

Walter Reed

Mr Hartsel

Nesdon Booth

Sam Elliott

Jon Locke



Cautious Coquette

Stephen Argyle

Donald Randolph

Elaine Barton

Kipp Hamilton

(Francis) Bates

Chester Stratton

Frederick Arms

Sid Clute

Joe Raymond

K L Smith

Robert Finchley

Brett Halsey

Sheriff Mark Daley

Ed Hinton

Sgt Kenny

Stephen Ellsworth


Ralph Sanford

Sgt Davis

Paul Hahn


Weaver Levy


Haunted Husband

Doris Stephanak

Karen Steele

Claire Olger

Patricia Hardy

Marcia Greeley

Helen Westcott

Michael Greeley

John Hubbard

Charlie (Bartender)

Herb Vigran

(Tragg's partner



Lonely Heiress

Delores Coterro

Anna Navarro

Charles Barnaby

L Q Jones

George Moore

Richard Crane


Gail Kobe

Lt Kramer

Robert Williams

Dr L(ewis J Palmer

Robert McQueeney


Green-eyed Sister

Arthur West

Dan Riss

Addison Doyle

Robin Hughes

Sylvia Bain

Tina Carver

Dr Hanover

Dennis King, Jr

Dr Fisher

Alan Gifford

Night Clerk

Charles Tannen

Taxi Driver (Mr Miller)

Leonard Bell


Fugitive Nurse

Dr (Charle) Morris

Sheppard Strudwick

Gladys Strome

Maxine Cooper

Phil Reese

Woodrow Chambliss

Arthur Strome

Anthony Lettier


George Davis

Lt Brewer

Arthur Hanson

Detective Ralston

Sydney Mason

Detective Ron Jacks

Lee Roberts


Jack Kenney


One-eyed Witness

Marian Fargo

Angie Dickinson

Samuel D. Carlin

Louis Van Rooten

Nora Kelly

Eve Miller

Arthur Fargo

Pete Adams

Steve Daniels

Richard Benedict

Pierre (Renault)

Jan Arvan

George Danvers

Sam Gilman


Jean Del Val

Bus Clerk

Ralph Montgomery

Charter Pilot (Mr James)

John Sands


Doris Wiss

Phone Operator

Shirley Buchanan


Deadly Double

Cora Dunbar

Carole Mathews

Johnny Hale

Murray Hamilton


Louise Truax

David Reed

Carleton G Young

Cab Driver

Frank Jenks

Dr Desmond

Carlyle Mitchell


Peter Opp


Josebeph Elman

Tommy Reed

Kellogg Junge, Jr


Empty Tin

Doris Hocksley

Toni Gerry

Alan Neil

Warren Stevens

Rebecca Gentrie

Olive Deering

Mirian Hocksley

Mary Shipp

John Lowell

Otto Waldis

Dr Morton

Bert Holland


Half-wakened Wife

Marion Shelby

Phyllis Avery

Frank Lawton

Stewart Bradley

Phillip Dix

Claude Akins

Ben Parker

Howard Petrie

Howard Black

Peter Hansen


Paul E Burns

Ted Young

Frederick Draper


Desperate Daughter

Doris Bannister

Gigi Perreau

Edward Bannister

Robert F Simon

Gary Marshal

Don Durant


Gere Craft

Det Quincey

Robert B Williams

Det Marlowe

Ivan Bonar


Patricia Mowry


Daring Decoy

Fred Calvert

Jack Weston

Miss Eastman

Louise Lorimer

H B Varnell

Donald Foster

Warner Griffith

John Mack Brown

Mavis (Jordan)

Natalie Norwick

Rose Calvert

Pamela Duncan


Hesitant Hostess

Inez Kaylor

Karen Sharpe

Albert Sanders

Fred Sherman

Joe Gibbs

Ned Wever

Kim Lane

Betty Utey


Jacqueline Holt

Larry Coles

Michael Mason


Robin Raymond

Det Purvis

Robert Karnes

Court Stenographer

Paul Serra


Screaming Woman

Leona Walsh

Josephine Hutchinson

Dr George Barnes

Arthur Shields

Mary K Davis

Marion Seldes

Susan Marshall

Karin Booth

Bob Shroeder

Don Gardner

Mr Hill

Richard Ryan


Marian Collier



Fiery Fingers

George Gordon

Edward Norris

Nora Mae Quincy

Lenore Shanewise

Louise Gordon

Susan Dorn

Charlotte Lynch

Fay Spain

Dr W[alter] Fremont

Robert Burton

Dr Williams

Charles Lane

Dr J[ames] Meecham

Charles Davis

(Police matron Mrs Carmine



Substitute Face

Laura Houser

Maureen Cassidy

Evelyn Whiting

Joan Tabor

Roland Carter

Ralph Dumke

Carl Houser

Theodore Newton

Capt Walters

Gavin Gordon

Daniel James

Donald Lawton


Stanley Farrar

Christopher Walsh

William Quinn

Martha Lawrence

Bobbie Collentine


Long-Legged Models

Stephanie Falkner

Peggy McCoy

Eve Elliott

Alix Talton

Michael Garvin Sr

Lyle Talbot

Michael Garvin Jr

William Swan

Glenn Falkner

Russell Thorson

Margo Garvin

Ann McCrea


Ray Walker


Billy Snyder


Gilded Lily

Sheila Bowers

Peggy Knudson

Enid Griffin

Barbara Baxley

Anne Brent

Mari Alden

(Charles) Stewart Brent

Grant Withers

Dr (Otto) Cortley

Alan Dexter

Dr Parsons

Carleton Young

Garage Attendant

Cy Malis


Max Wagner


Lazy Lover

Patricia Faxon

Yvonne Craig

Lucille Allred

Ann Lee


Prodigal Parent

Lorraine Stevens

Andra Martin

Philip Larkin

Terry Becker

Sarah Winslow

Nancy Kulp

Court Reporter

Richard Bull

Officer Norton

Leo Needham


Black-eyed Blonde

Diana Reynolds

Whitney Blake

Matthew Bartlett

R G Armstrong

Otto Kessler

Ludwig Stossel

Tony Davis

Jan Merlin

Marian Shaw

Judith Ames

Sgt Brewster

Jack Lomas


Frank Sully

Carlos Figueroa

Joe Dominguez

Bobby Carter

Casey Peters


Terrified Typist

James Kincaid

Alan Marshall

alias Duane Jefferson

Alan Marshall

Patricia Taylor

Joanna Moore

Mrs Lumis

Joan Elan

George Baxter

Jack Raine

(Joseph) Henrich

Harald Dyrenforth

Jack Gilly

Hank Patterson

Jury Foreman

James Stone

Elevator Operator (Barney)

Frankie Darro


Red Morgan

Duane Jefferson

Steve Carruthers


Rolling Bones

Arlene Scott

Mary Anderson

Daniel Reed

Edgar Stehli

Dr Norris

Richard Aherne

Dave Kemp

Alan Lee

Herbert Walker

William Remick

(Lt Tragg's partner



Corresponding Corpse

Glenn McKay

William Ching

George Beaumont

Ross Elliott

Jonah Whitaker

Owen Cunningham


Lucky Loser

Harriet Balfour

Patricia Medina

Florence Ingle

Heather Angel

Ted Balfour

Tyler MacDuff

Fred Haley

Woodrow Chamblis


John Eldrege

Roger Faris

Guy Rennie


John Bleifer

Ballistics Expert

Jack Holland


Pint-Sized Client

Gramp Renzi

Eduardo Ciannelli

Iris Anderson

Nita Talbot

Art Crowley

Elisha Cook

Nicky Renzi

Bobby Clark

Mr Kolichek

Otto Waldis

Charles Hays

Robert Lieb

Lois Gilbert

Eleanor Audley

George Koch

Joseph Mell


Edward Marr

Eddie Merlin

Than Wyenn


Sardonic Sergeant

Major Lewis

John Dehner

M Sgt William Smith

Larry Jackson

Rikki Stevens

Barbara Luna

Sgt1st Class Mc Knight

Lee Torrance

Lt Walker

Rand Harper

Mr Blake

Hal Torey

Mrs Agnes Haskill

Helen Heigh


Curious Bride

Arthur Kane

Michael Emmet

Ellen Crandall

Dorothy Neumann

Frank Lane

Tommy Cook

Sidney Otis

Lewis Charles


Buried Clock

Rodney Beaton

Robin Hughes

A J Randall

Howard Wendell


Paul Serra

Deputy Sheriff

Don Kennedy


Married Moonlighter

Eileen Harrison

Anne Sargent


Jilted Jockey

Tic Barton

Billy Pearson

Johnny Starr

Don Durant

Bob Allen

Nolan Leary

Mr Horty

Roy Engel


Purple Woman

Rufus Varner

Rhys Williams

Doris Andrews

Doris Singleton

Laslo Kovac

Stephen Bekassy

Waiteress (Martha)

Shirley Houser



Fancy Figures

Jonathan Hyett

Frank Silvera

Martin Ellis

William Phipps

Victor Squires

Harvey Stephens


Leslie Kimmell

Walter Vico

David McMahon


Perjured Parrot

Andy Templet

Edgar Buchanan

Ellen Monteith

Jody Lawrance

Richard Waid

Dan Barton

Stephanie Sabin

Fay Baker

Fred Bascomb

Robert E Griffin

Mr Langley

Joe Kearns

Helen Watkins

Pamela Branch

Rufus Bolding

Howard Culver


Shattered Dream

Irene Bedford

Marion Marshall

Hans Breel

Kurt Kreuger

Jerry Morrow

Chris Alcaide

Adolph Van Beers

Ludwig Stossel

Fred Schoenbeck

Ivan Triesault

William Walker

Theodore Marcuse


Cy Malis


Brandy Bryan


Borrowed Brunette

Eva Martell

Maggie Mahoney

Barbara Slater

Adrienne Marden

Thomas Folsom

Herman Rudin


Gisele Verlaine

Samuel Dixon

Howard Van Proyen


Fred Rapport


Glittering Goldfish

Daryl Metcalf

Cecil Kellaway

Donna Sherwood

May Wynn

Tom Wyatt

John Hudson

Nora Huxley

Catherine McLeod

Frederick Rollins

Gage Clarke

Jack Huxley

Murvyn Vye

Harry Tiller

Rusty Lane


Foot-loose Doll

Fred Ernshaw

Sam Buffington


Susan Dorn

Fern Driscoll

Helene Stanley

Johnny Baylor

Jim Kirkwood, Jr


Jan Harrison


Charles Meredith

1st Girl

Carol Byron


Fraudulent Foto

Leora Mathews

Carole Mathews

Eva Scott

June Clayworth

Helen Preston

Carol Nugent

Theophile Duclerc

Peter Brocco

Eugene Milton

Herbert Anderson

Switchboard Operator

Nancy Millard


Arline Hunter


Romantic Rogue

Irene Wallace

Jean Willes

Pete Daniels

Jack Daly

Helen Harvey

Marion Ross

Harry West

Albert Linville

Florence Harvey

Sara Haden

(Court clerk



Jaded Joker

Danny Ross

Frankie Laine

Cleve Niles

Tom Drake


Caretaker's Cat

Kenneth Baxter

John G Agar

Edith Devoe

Maxine Cooper

Winifred Oakley

Judy Lewis

Dr Douglas Keene

Dick Crane

Mr (John) Hilliard

Raymond Bailey

Gordon Roland

Anthony Eustrel

Nurse Watson

Jacqueline Lee


Stuttering Bishop

Deputy D A Weston

Herb Ellis

Janice Burroughs

Joan Vohs

Philip Burroughs

Jonathan Kidd

Charles Burroughs

Carl Benton Reed

Larry Kenyon

Peter Garey

Blanche Atkins

Claire Carleton

Leo Kaster

Killer Karl Davis

Teenage Boy

Jim Brandt

Skin Diver

Hubie Kerns

(Court clerk



Lost Last Act

Faith Foster

Joanne Gilbert

Helen Dwight

Katharine Bard

(Ernie) Royce

Jerome Cowan

Michael Dwight

Robert McQueeney



Bedeviled Doctor

Dana Lewis

Norma Moore

Mark Douglas

Barry McGuire


Jane Eager



(Mrs Wallace



Howling Dog

Thelma Brent

Fintan Meyler

Polly Forbes

Elaine Edwards

Bill Johnson

Gregory Walcott

Rod Andrews

Tom Greenway

Marilyn Storm

Grace Raynor

(Joseph) D'Amato

Vito Scotti


Marcia Drake


Calendar Girl

Dawn Manning

Dolores Donlon

Loretta Harper

Kasey Rogers

Jasper Horn

Charles Tannen

Beatrice Cornell

Evelyn Scott

Head Waiter

Thom Conroy

Patti Drew

Diana Crawford


Doug Marland


Petulant Partner

Harry Bright

R G Armstrong

Chuck Clark

William H Wright

(Walter) Salty Sims

Francis J McDonald

Margaret Clark

Nan Leslie

Howard Roper

Myron Healey

Bill Shayne

William Swan

Louise Dayton

Lynne Allen


Sid Cassel


Steve Stevens


Tony Regan


Dangerous Dowager

Danny Barker

Robert Strauss

Sylvia Oxmon

Patricia Cutts

Arthur Manning

Michael Dante

Frank Oxmon

Gene Blakeley

Charles Duncan

Leo Gordon

Old Lady

Ellen Corby

Walter Cobb

Joey Faye

Old Man

Perry Cook


Shirley Monticue


Deadly Toy

Ralph Jennings

Max Adrian

Horace Selkirk

Paul Cavanagh

Hannah Barton

Kathryn Card

Katherine Collins

Nancy Kulp

Darrel Reed

Norm Alden

David Selkirk

David Brady

Nurse (Walsh)

Nina Stevens


Richard Hervey

Bill Evans

Bob Howard


Spanish Cross

Jimmy Morrow

Richard Miles

Grace Runyan

Linda Watkins

Curtis Runyan

Donald Randolph


Herman Rudin

Harry Kline

Chuck Zacha


Dubious Bridegroom

Lorie Garvin

Betsy Jones Moreland

Virgina Colfax, alias . . .

Jean/Joan Tabor

Edward Garvin

Harry Ellerbe

George Denby

Thomas Browne Henry


Tom Brown

Howard Scanlon

Robert Nichols


Rosa Turich

Sergeant Holt

Keith Richards


Lame Canary

Harry Jonson

James Philbrook

Ruth Prescott

Stacy Graham

Jimmy McLain

Biff Elliott

Dr Fowler

Emerson Treacy

Margaret Swaine

Susan Cummings

Walter Prescott

William Kendis

Police Officer

Ray Phillips

Transfer Man

Richard Wessel


Spurious Spinster

Ginny Hobart

Marion Marshall

Marie Chapman

Peggy Knudsen

Walter Sprague

Robert Osterloh

Hotel Clerk

Charles Davis

Switchboard Operator

Nancy Evans


Sam Edwards


Watery Witness

Tony Raeburn

Lester Vail

Betty Clark

Dusty Anders

Harriet Snow

Katherine Card

Mr Smith

Ned Glass


Garrulous Gambler

Johnny Clay

Tony Travis

Mickey Fong

Victor Sen Yung

Mike Granger

Gordon Wynn

Doctor Victor

Law Green


Irving Steinberg


Robert Nash


Blushing Pearls

Mitsuo Kamuri

Nobu McCarthy

Toma Sakai

George Takei

Grove Nichols

Steve Terrell

Thelma Nichols

Angela Greene

Hudson Nichols

Ralph Dumke

Ito Kamuri

Rollin Moriyama

Watchman (Connors)

Bill Walker


Lia Waggner


Tom Wilde

(Mrs Carmody



Startled Stallion

Earl Mauldin

Paul Richards

Terry Blanchard

Elliot Reid

John Brant

Trevor Bardette

Jo Ann Blanchard

Patricia Hardy

Peter White

Richard Rust


Howard Hoffman


Hal Hopper

Process Server

Dick Keene


Paul Drake's Dilemma

Donna Kress

Vanessa Brown

Henry W Dameron

Basil Ruysdael

Joe Marsden

Robert Lieb

1st Policeman (Officer Wilson)

James Callahan

2nd Policeman

William Hughes


Ann Bellamy

Paper Boy

Steve Stevens


Golden Fraud


Alex Gerry

Bunny Lee

Asa Maynor

Rip Conners

David Sheiner

Delivery Man

Frank Sully




Bartered Bikini

Wally Dunbar

John Lupton

Kitty Wynne

Terry Huntingdon

Rick Stassi

Stephen Bekassy

Watchman (Mr Miller)

Victor Rodman

(Sgt) Macready

Herbert Patterson


Artful Dodger

Allen Sheridan

William J Campbell

Joyce Fulton

Patricia Donahue

Victor Latimore

Jerome Cowan

Technician (Fred)

Ken Patterson


Terry Loomis

Gate Officer

Max Wagner

Maitre De

Cosmo Sardo



Lucky Legs

Bob Doray

Michael Miller

Mrs Fields

Doreen Lang


Rennie McEvoy


Leo Needham

Art Store Clerk

Arthur Marshall


Violent Village

Norman Thurston

Bart Burns

Everett Ransome

Terry Becker

Charlotte Norris

Ina Victor

1st Man

Robert R Stephenson

Court Reporter

Cecil Weston


Frantic Flyer

Howard Walters

Simon Oakland

Roger Porter

Ed Kemmer

Motel Manager

Joey Faye


Wayward Wife

Arthur Poe

Marshall Thompson

Marian Ames

Madlyn Rhue

Gilbert Ames

Alex Davion

Ben Sutton

Richard Shannon

Alan Kirby

L Stanford Jolley

Miss Croft

Kathleen Mulqueen

Clerk (Bookstore)

Peter Hayman


Irving Steinberg

Sgt Townley

Craig Duncan


Prudent Prosecutor

Jefferson Pike

J Pat O'Malley

Joan Leonard

Barbara Fuller

Fred Pike

Ron Foster

Duck Hunter

Frank Albertson

2nd Hunter

Edd Stoddard

(Pedro) Guitterez

John Alonzo


Gallant Grafter

Arthur Siddens

Charlie Aidman

Patricia Martin

Fintan Meyler

Sylvia Nelson

Virginia Arness

Norma Williams

Charlotte Austin


Wary Wildcatter

Madelyn Terry

Barbara Bain


Anthony DeMario


Mythical Monkeys

Mauvis Meade

Beverly Garland

Gregory Dunkirk

Lawrence Dobkin

Gladys Doyle

Louise Fletcher

Richard Gilman

Lew Gallo

Caspar Pedley

Norman Fell

Dukes Lawton

John Reach

Parking Lot Attendant

Paul Lees


Ralph Brooks


Singing Skirt

Betty Roberts

Joan O'Brien

George Anclitas

Henry Lascoe

Vivian Ennis

Jeanne Moody

Manning Ennis

Chris Warfield

Police Captain

Robert B Williams

Parking Lot Attendant

Ken Walken


Harry Fleer


Bashful Burro

Gerald Norton

Ray Stricklyn

Amos Catledge

George Mitchell

Sally Norton

Sue George

Roy Dowson

Charles Bateman


Kay Kuter

Ballistics Expert

Stephen Courtleigh


Mike Mason

Button Salesgirl

Joan Elliott


Tony Michaels


Crying Cherub

David Lambert

Joe Moross

Richard Harkens

Tom Drake

Liza Carson Lambert

Carmen Phillips

Thomas Clark

Thomas McBride

Mrs Forbes

Elvia Allman


Patrick Waltz

Bidder #1

Jack Perrin

Bidder #2

Mary Benoit

Club Woman

Helene Heigh


Nimble Nephew

Deputy D A Claude Drumm

Robert Gist

Adam Thompson

William H Wright

Harry Thompson

Bert Convy

Frank Jarrett

Crahan Denton

Elliott Carter

Joel Lawrence


Warren Frost



Madcap Modiste

Deputy D A Stewart Linn

Lee Tremayne

Henry De Garmo

David White

Leona Durant

Dorothy Neuman

George Halliday

Edward Mallory


Truman Bradley

Model #1 (Harriet)

Anna Belle George

Model #2 (Ruth)

Pat Olson


Slandered Submarine

Anthony Beldon

Robert F Simon

Cmdr Driscoll

Edward Platt

Lou Hansford

Robert Brubaker

Vivian Page

Ann Robinson

Cmdr Foyle

Stephen Chase

Lt Cmdr Matt Stewart

William Tannen

Johnny Larkin

Joseph Corey

Ernest Pritchard

Herb Vigran

Julio Remarto

Raoul DeLeon

Capt Horton

Freeman Lusk


Ominous Outcast

Bob Lansing

Jeremy Slate

Amy Douglas

Irene Tedrow


David McMahon

Secretary (Betty)

Mary Eastman


Irate Inventor

James Frazer

Tom Coley

Lois Langley

Kasey Rogers

Calvin Boone

Manning Ross

Thelma Frazer

Ce Ce Whitney

Arthur Hayden

Doug Odney

Sgt M Quimby

Barry Cahill


Arthur Peterson


Flighty Father

Trudy Holbrook

Anne Benton

Jay Holbrook #1

Hayden Rorke

Peter Sample

Dan Riss


Betty Farrington


Gail Bonney


Treacherous Toupee

Cybil Basset

Peggy Converse

Teddi Hart

Cindy Robbins

Hartley Basset

Thomas B Henry

Dick Hart

Robert Redford

Lorna Grant

Dee Arlen

Lucy, housecleaner

Juney Ellis


Rita Duncan

Supper Club Manager

Hal Smith


Patricia Marlowe


Credulous Quarry

Richard Hammond

Joan Conwell

Alex Hill

Walter Reed

Barbara Claridge

Nan Peterson

Fire Chief

Fred Graham

Miss Winslow

Renee Godfrey


Ill-fated Faker

Jim Ferris

William Campbell

Betty Wilkins

Sue Randall

Carl Gorman

Howard Petrie

Harold Ames

Tyler McVey

(Cocktail Waitress, Francis Banks



Singular Double

Lucy Stevens

Connie Hines

Marjorie Ralston

Mary Webster


Lavender Lipstick

Ernest Helming

Joe Maross

Karen Lewis

Pat Breslin

Peter Nichols

John Lupton


Betty Farrington


Charlotte Thompson


Wandering Widow

Faye Donner

Marguerite Chapman

Mr Leeman

Robert Whiting

Buddy Staples

Gil Rogers

Jimmie Kendall

Stephen Talbot


Helen Spring


Clumsy Clown

Lisa Franklin

Chana Eden

Judd Curtis

Walter Sande

Jerry Franklin

Robert Clarke

Tim Durant

Ken Curtis

Ring Master

Russ Thompson


Provocative Protege

Andrew Collis

Robert Lowery

David Carpenter

Gregory Morlon

James Gracie

Donald Foster

Sgt Binns

Barry Cahill


Cindy Courtland

Eric Sturgis

Charles D Cooper

(L A Chronicle morgue man



Nine Dolls

Linda Osborne

Maggie Mahoney

Peggy Smith

Laurie Perreau

Edgar Benson

Gage Clarke

A Tobler

John Banner

Headmistress Lorimer

Eleanor Audley

Mr Kringle

Fred Essler

Sgt Willoughby

James Chandler

Swiss Waiter

Eugene Borden



Loquacious Liar

Sam Crane

Regis Toomey

Marge Fuller

Jeanne Baird

Wilma Stone

Dorothy Adams

Photo Girl

Lori Kaye


Red Riding Boots

Rennie Foster

Corey Allen

Ann Farwell

Elen Wellard

Burt Farwell

John Aisha

Rita Conover

Shirley Ballard

Wilmer Beaslee

Richard Deacon

Miss Pennock

Sara Seegar

Kathy Jergens

Reba Waters


Larcenous Lady

Julia Webberly

Ellen Drew

Susan Connolly

Louise Fletcher

Tom Stratton

Edward Platt

Desk Clerk

Myron Natwick

Prosecutor Thorne

Christopher Dark

Switchboard Girl

Mara Massey

Arnold Webberly

Robert Terry


Envious Editor

Edmond Aitken

Philip Abbott

Donald Fletcher

James H Coburn

Alyce Aitken

Sara Shane

Jay Robinson (called Philip)

Dave Willock

Mrs Welsh

Virginia Carroll


Paul Power


Donna Hayes

2nd Reporter

Harry Hollins


Resolute Reformer

Deputy D A Parness

Richard Easthan

Roger Quigley

James Westerfield

Grace Witt

Maxine Stuart

Councilman William Daniels

John McLiam

Supervisor Albert Johnson

Hardie Albright

Dr Auerback

Charles J Conrad

Jack Parrish

Tony Hughes

Lewis Bergdorf

Dennis Quinn

Ronald Arthur

Bert Stevens

Lt Lew Kaufman

Joe McGuinn


Gisele Verlaine


Fickle Fortune

Norma Brooks

Cathy O'Donnell

Charley Nickels

Robert Casper

Nurse (Ann) Hamilton

Eve March


Berkeley Harris


Hal Taggart


Vincent Troy



Waylaid Wolf

Arlene Ferris

Andra Marten

Madge Elwood

Laurie Mitchell

Loring Lamont

Tony Travis

Orvel Kingman

Robert Carricart

Frances Kim

Frances Fong

Jerome Henley

I Stanford Jolley

Police Officer Lyons

Bill Cord

Tom Grimes

Irvin Ashkenazy


Tiger Joe Marsh


Wintry Wife

Walter Randall

Jerome Thor

Amelia Phillips

Jean Howell

Mr Johnson

Barney Phillips


Rudolph Salinger

First Operative

Chuck Stroud


Angry Dead Man

Lloyd Castle

Edward Binns

Second Deputy

Gordon Jones

Jenny Bartlett

Carol Ohmart

First Deputy

Ray Montgomery

Receptionist (Helen)

Juney Ellis


Blind Man's Bluff

Helen Slade

Jean Allison


Benny Rubin

Sgt Ferris

Arthur Hanson

Jack Shaw

Sid Clute


Bart Conrad

Miss Padway

Susan Davis


Barefaced Witness

Dan Southern

Adam West

Iris McKay

Enid Janes

Marta Wiltern

Eloise Hardt


Charles Briggs

Secretary (Dora)

Rosemary Day


Difficult Detour

Sheila Benton

Suzanne Lloyd


Mike Masters


Cowardly Lion

Hilda Fursten

Carol Rossen

Tony Osgood

Fred Beir

Dr Walther Braun

Leslie Bradley

Boris Zelbowski

Warren Kammerling

Harry Beacom

O Z Whitehead

Sec Officer (Frank) Crawford

Paul Birch

Lt White

Bert Remsen


Torrid Tapestry

Nathan Claver

Conrad Nagel

Sarah Demay

Lillian Buyeff

Watchman (Charlie)

Syd Saylor


John Graham


Lloyd Nelson


Louis Serrano


Violent Vest

Walter Caffrey

Hayden Rorke

Joy Lebaron

Sonya Wilde

Herman Albright

Erik Rhodes

Buddy Frye

Joe Cronin

Vicky (Dolan)

Rosemary Eliot

Barman (Walter Clemens)

Frank Jenks

Young Man

Robert Harrow


Misguided Missile

Captain (Mike) Caldwell

Simon Oakland

Dr Harrison

Richard Arlen

Captain McVey

Med Flory

Major Cooke

Stephen Roberts

Colonel Sloan

Richard Shannon

Sgt Lewis

Ronnie Knox

Brig Gen Bishop

Larry Gray

Dr Stanton

Alan Dexter

Air Policeman

Paul Lees

Civilian Engineer

James Sikking



Duplicate Daughter

Glamis Barlow

Anne Helm

Carter Gilman

Walter Kinsella

Muriel Gilman

Kaye Elhardt

Nancy Gilman

Joyce MacKenzie


Don Harvey

Maurice Fellows

George Selk


Grumbling Grandfather

Tony Montgomery

Fred Coby

Woman Witness

Fifi D'Orsay


Dub Taylor

Police Sergeant

John Close

Sue Franks

Frances Rafferty


Hal Dawson


Guilty Clients

Jeff Bronson

Charles Bateman

Bill Ryder

Guy Mitchell

Conception O'Higgins

Faith Domergue

Violet Ryder

Barbara Stuart

Courtney Patton

Alan Bunce

Leander Walker

William Mims

Astronomer (Mr Finney)

Tom Vize


William Coffin


Jealous Journalist

Ralph Quentin

Jan Merlin

Boyd Alison

Theodore Marcuse

Kerry Worden

Claire Griswold

Bartender (Young)

Paul Smith

Hope Quentin

Frieda Inescort

Bonnie Mae

Roxanne Arlen


Lee Giroux

Operative (Don)

James D Neilson


Impatient Partner

Edith Fallon

Lucy Prentis

Ned Thompson

Peter Adams

Mrs (Agnes) Murdock

Mary Young

Mrs Temple

Cheerio Meredith

Bert Nickols

Jack Betts


Paula Courtland


Missing Melody

Eddy King

James Drury

Polly Courtland

Jo Morrow

Midge Courtland

Lorrie Richards

Templeton Courtland

Graham Denton


Barney Kessell


Owen McGiveney


Irving Mitchell


Tony Mafia

First Gambler

Jack Williams

Second Gambler

Philip Harron


Malicious Marriner

Charles Griffin

Edward Binns


George Sawaya


Rollin Moriyama

Julie Abbott

Penny Edwards


Victor Sen Yung


Tudor Owen

Lt Gregg

George Ives


Roy Jenson


Gordon Kee


Crying Comedian

Charlie Hatch

Tommy Noonan

Rowena (Leech)

Sue Anne Langdon

Sgt McVey

Med Flory


Nestor Paiva


Louis Mercier

Reese Lordan

Ray Dannis

Dr Iverson

Alan Reynolds


Carl Milletaire


Meddling Medium

Dr Arthur Younger

Kent Smith

Bonnie Craig

Sonya Wilde

Sgt Bradley

James Chandler

Michael Craig

Paul Smith

Elaine Paisley

Ann Carroll

Princess Charlotte

Lea Marmer

Dr Andrija Puharich

Dr Andrija Puharich


Pathetic Patient

Dr (Wayne) Edley

Skip Homeier

Joe Widlock

Frank Cady

Hiram Widlock

Frank Cady

(Dr) Banning

Thomas Freebairn-Smith

Leslie Hall

Edward Kemmer

Grif Roland

Wayne Heffley



Travelling Treasure

Leon Ulrich

Jack Searl


Addison Richards


Hardie Albright


Richard Adams

Mexican Bartender

Nacho Galindo


Robert Whiting

Second Seaman

Tony Miller


Lionel Dante


Posthumous Painter

Linda Burnside

Carol Rossen

Postal Inspector (Johnson)

Chuck Hamilton

Jack Culross

Britt Lomond

Robert Shelby

John McNamara


Injured Innocent

Kate Eastman

Audrey Dalton

Vincent Danielli

Alejandro Rey

Walter Eastman

Jess Barker

Erin Mooney

Linda Lawson

Dr Bell

Raymond Bailey


Cindy Ames


Left-Handed Liar

Ward Nichols

Ed Nelson

Casey Daniels

Maggie Pierce


John Reach

Dr Harrison Berry

Richard Derr

Miss Clara Prentice

Amzie Strickland

Handwriting Expert

Wallace Rooney

Woman Fencer

Cynthia Patrick


Brazen Bequest

Mary Cromwell

Phyllis Avery

Dr Marcus Tate

Alan Hewett

Nurse Talbot

Sally Mills

Dick Wilson

John Wilder

Maizie Freitag

Barbara Stuart

Deputy D A Horner

Joseph Julian

James Vardon

Will Wright

Julia Slovak

Elvia Allman

Rafael Sandoval

Ernest Sarracino


Charles Tanner


Morris Erby

College Girl

Sandy Shaffer


Renegade Refugee

Father Paul

Frank Overton

Clifton Barlow

John Sutton

Lou Kouffman

Jess Kirkpatrick

Winifred Dunbrack

Jennnifer Howard

Phyllis Merrill

Donna Atwood


Robert Nash

Mr Jones

Victor Izay

Miss Gibsone

Jo Summers


Unwelcome Bride

Walter Frazer

Torin Thatcher

Peter Thorpe

De Forest Kelley

Lon Snyder

Alan Hale

Gregson Frazer

Bryan Grant

Cary Duncan

Ben Young

Patrolman (Joe)

Emile Meyer


Roving River

Judy Bryant

Sarah Marshall

Ralph Ordway

Sherwood Price

Seth Tyson

J Pat O'Malley

Frank Deane

Harry Carey, Jr

Amos Bryant

Robert Lowery

Neil Gilbert

Dirk London


Shapely Shadow

Fred Carlyle

James Callahan

Moulage Man

Hal Smith


William McLean


Austin Green

Dudley Roberts

Ollie O'Toole


Captain's Coins

Philip Andrews

Jeremy Slate

Evelyn Farraday

Joan Patrick

Nickolas Trevelian

Jay Novello

Mrs Ionescu

Tafa Lee



Tarnished Trademark


James Hansen

Carl Pedersen

Morgan Woodward

Sam Hadley

Edward Norris


Robert Ball

2nd Workman

Harry Strang


Ted White


Glamorous Ghost

Eleanor Corbin

Mary Murphy

Suzanne Granger

Ziva Rodann


Jan Stine


Judee Morton


Don McGovern


Poison Pen-Pal

District Attorney

Everett Sloan

Karen Ross

Patricia Breslin

Lee Gregson

Wright King

Sandra Gregson

Chrystine Jordan

Jill Thatcher

Diane Mountford


Walter Kelly

Mrs (Doris)Thatcher

Diana Darrin


Kathy Huber


Mystified Miner

Susan Fisher

Kathie Brown

Alfredo Gomez

Carlos Rivas

Boy No. 3

Christian Pasques

Sophia Elliot

Stanja Lowe

Cindy Hastings

Louise Lorimer

Carleton Campbell

Patrick Thompson

Ken Lowry

Michael Harvey


Maidie Norman

Myrton Abert

Robert J Stevenson

Station Attendant

Lenny Geer

Boy No. 1

Howard Redman

Boy No. 2

Martin Dean


Crippled Cougar


Joe Benson

Harlow Phipps

Noah Keen

Paula Hamilton

Abbagail Shelton

Girl (Airline's Counter)

Shary Marshall

Grace Keith

Florence Wyatt


Absent Artist

Daphne Whilom

Zasu Pitts

Harry Clark

Jay Barney


Marshall Kent

Fiona Cregan

Arline Sax

Pete Manders

Wynne Pearce

Leslie Lawrence

Pamela Curran


Carl Don

Arnold Buck

Lane Bradford


Barney Phillips


Mabel Rea


Wes Bishop


Ann Staunton


Melancholy Marksman

Ted Chase

Paul Richards

Sylvia Dykes

Jeff Donnell

Irene Chase

Mari Blanchard

Tony Benson

Peter Baldwin

Charles Vale

Edward Ashley

Mabel Richmond

Cindy Robbins


John Straub

Betty Chase

Betsy Hale

Anne Chase

Shari Lee Bernath


Angry Astronaut

General Addison Brand

James Coburn

Bonnie Winslow

Patricia Donahue

Matthew Owen

John Marley

Bruce Young

Robert Casper

Gordon Kendall

Richard Grant

(Jamison) Sewell

Ned Roberts


Borrowed Baby

Florence Wood

Maria Palmer

Lester Menke

Corey Allen

Mrs Holly Cosgrove

Nellie Burt

Ginny Talbot

Kaye Elhardt

Mrs Leander Kerrich

Sara Taft

Lenora Graves

Joan Petrone

Court Manager

El Brendel

Antique Car Man

Charles Thompson

Gun Clerk

Ed Stoddard


Counterfeit Crank

Sandra (Dalgran)

Connie Hines

Chuck Blair

Burt Reynolds

Don Morley

Michael King

Joseph Tayback

John Hubbard

Deputy Turner

Paul McGuire

Joe Fanning

David Saber



Ancient Romeo

Steve Brock

Rex Reason

Phil Scharf

Harry von Zell

Ellen Carson

Antoinette Bower

Kelvin MacRae

Kendrick Huxham

Amos Martin

Donald Curtis

Helen Finney

Rosemary Day


Promoter's Pillbox

Miriam Waters

Geraldine Brooks

Mike Flint

George Matthews


James O'Hara


Danielle Aubrey

(Maurice) Parness

Ivan Dixon


George Conrad


Lonely Eloper

Merle Telford

Jana Taylor

Olivia Langley

Jorja Curtright

Howard Langley

Paul Tripp


Billy Hallop

Margo Stevens

Carol Andreson


Ralph Reed


Bogus Books

Ellen Carter

Phyllis Love

Pete Norland

Adam West

Prof. Carlos Muntz

John Abbott

Kenneth Carter

Joby Baker

George (Herbert) Pickson

Woodrow Parfrey

Mr Gilfain

Tenen Holtz

Lady Librarian

Renee Godfrey


Capricious Corpse

Claudia Demming

Jean Engstrom


Dennis Rush

Nurse Evelyn King

Evelyn Ward

Ito Kumagi

Teru Shimada


June Ellis

Auto Engineer

Herbert Patterson

Police Chemist

Ed Stoddard

Carleton Gage

Everett Glass

Ernest Demming

John Morley


William Hines


Playboy Pugilist

Davey Carroll

Gary Lockwood

Jo Sands

Dolores Michaels

Kay McKenzie

Sally Bliss

Sparring Partner

Stewart Taylor

Switchboard Opr #1

Dee Stratton

Hotel Manager

Ben Erway

Switchboard Opr #2

Mae Clarke


Dennis Richards

Bell Captain

Marty Brenman


Tom Simcox


Double-Entry Mind

Enos Watterton

Jack Betts

Steven Banks

Paul Tripp

Lita Krail

Kathleen Hughes


Pamela Branch


Hateful Hero

James Anderson

Dick Davalos

Carrie Wilson

Mabel Albertson

Dwight Wilson

William Phipps

Howard Duncan

Mike Steele


Richard Tretter

Police Board Chairman

George Ives


Lennie Bremen


Dodging Domino

Damion White

David Hedison

Mona Winthrope White

Ellen McRae

Freda Chase

Janet Ward

Vera Jordan

Maureen Arthur

Grace (Maid)

Amanda Randolph

Old Man

Pat Goldin


Diana Reese

Boy No 1

Rusty Stevens

Boy No 2

Gary Hart


Charlotte Thompson


Unsuitable Uncle

Frank Warden

Howard Smith

Paula Durham

Barbara Parkins

Crystal Durham

Anna Lee

Gil Simpson

George Kane

(Bartender George) Coleman

Harvey Korman


Harp McGuire

Handwriting Expert

Harry Bartell



Stand-In Sister

John Gregory

R.G. Armstrong

Helen Gregory

Susan Seaforth

Franz Moray

Steven Geray

Senator Cord

Allen Joseph

Davino (Marshal)

Jay Della


George Selk

Admitting Nurse

Kaye Farrington


Weary Watchdog

Zaneta Holmes

Doris Dowling

C C Chang

Keye Luke

Alton Brent

Wesley Addy

Trixie Tong

Judy Dan

Dean Chang

James Hong

James Wong

Philip Ahn

Commodore (Gallen) Holmes

Robert S. Carson

Mrs Tong

Beulah Quo


Lurid Letter

Doris Wilson

Keye Elhardt

Pat Mangan

John Durren

Bobby Slater

Thomas Lowell

Dr Stephen Grant

Noah Keen

Terry Wardman

Mark Murray

Gus Wiler

Chris Alcaide

First Girl

Cheryl Miller

Second Girl

Judee Morton

Third Girl

Nancy Lee

Mrs Sommers

Greta Granstadt

Mr Mangan

Harry Travis


Fickle Filly

George Tabor

Jim Davis


Tom Geas

Jennifer Wakely

Joan Freeman

Brad Shelby

Bob McQuain

H B Durrell

Bill Quinn

Stable Hand

Earl Brown


Polka Dot Pony

Margaret MacDonald

Vivi Janiss

Maureen Thomas

Melinda Plowman

Maureen Franklin

Eilene Janssen

Pop--Leverett Thomas

Byron Foulger

Mr Campion

John Warburton

Mrs Campion

Doris Packer


Freeman Lusk


Shoplifter's Shoe

Virginia Trent

Margaret O'Brien

Pete Chennery

Leonard Nimoy

Sergeant Gifford

Richard Coogan

Bill Golding

Arthur Batanides

Store Detective

Kenneth Patterson


Walter Kelley


Bernard Fein

Andre (Maitre d')

Vincent Troy


Bluffing Blast

Deputy D.A. Nelson Taylor

Frank Overton

Linda Blake

Antoinette Bower

Joe Italiano

Jonathan Kidd

Mr Morescu

William Fawcett

Cab Driver

Bill Hampton


Prankish Professor

Sally Sheldon

Joyce Van Patten

Ollie Benson

Jack Searl

Dr Curtis Metcalfe

Kent Smith

Laura Hewes

Patricia Breslin


Harold Goodwin


Chris Washburn


Constant Doyle (no "the" in the title)

Constant Doyle

Bette Davis

Cal Leonard

Michael Parks

Letty Arthur

Peggy Ann Garner

MIss Givney

Frances Reid

Desk Sergeant

George Mitchell

Steven Arthur

Jerry Oddo


Dick Wilson


Marc Romaunt


Dorothy Edwards


Gil Perkins


Libelous Locket

Prof. Edward Lindley

Michael Rennie

Maureen Norland

Patricia Wymore

Sidney Hawes

Harry von Zell

Janice Norland

Patricia Manning

Hotel Owner

Nacho Galindo

Young Man

Robert Howard

Plump Man

Paul Maxey


Jose Gonzales Gonzales

Male Student

Robert Koff


Kathryn Hart


Two-faced Turn-a-bout

Bruce Jason

Hugh O'Brian

Garrett Richards

Trevor Burdette

Philip Hillman

Robert F Fimon

Tess Noyman

Joan Petrone

Franz Schreck

Charles H Radilac

Ride Attendant

Dale Johnson


Surplus Suitor

Sherman Hatfield

Walter Pigeon

Hollis Wilburn

Joyce Bulifant

Martin Potter

James Best

Mrs Abernathy

Nellie Burt

Gage McKinney

Haydn Rorke

Alex Gaussner

John Siegfried


James Cross


Jean Harvey


Russell Grieve



Golden Oranges

Amos Keller

Arthur Hunnicutt

Sandra Keller

Natalie/Nataly Trundy

Janis Carr

Erin O'Brien (Moore)

Grace Doyle

Mary Munday

Edward Doyle

Lee Van Cleef

Assistant D A Rice

Vic Perrin

Lab Technician

Wallace Rooney

Pound Attendant

James Goodwin

Earth Mover Operator

Robert Rothwell


Lawful Lazarus

Trevor Harris

David McLean

Nora Kasner

Maria Palmer

Michaela Martin

Abbagail Shelton

Clara Thorne

Joy Hodges

Barbara Billings

Kay Stewart


Mack Williams


Velvet Claws

Harrison Burke

James Philbrook

Norma Vickers


George Belter

Richard Webb

Esther Linten

Cathie Merchant


Ron Stokes

Switchboard Girl

Kathy Willow


Buddy Ochoa


Lover's Leap

Peter Brent

Carleton Carpenter


Richard Jaeckel

F J Weatherby

Marvin Miller

Bill Vaughan

Stewart Bradley

Polly Vaughan

Audrey Caire

Coast Guard Officer

Bill Cord


Lewis Charles


Henry Rowland


Elusive Element


Billy Halop

Grocery Clerk

Ollie O'Toole

RadIo Salesman

Ray Dannis

Airline Clerk

Guy Standing III

Bank Teller

Harry Fleer


Greek Goddess


Marianna Hill

George Spangler

George Kennedy

Cleo Grammas

Faith Domergue

Charles L Welsh

Tol Avery


William Hughes


Skeleton's Closet

Dave Weaver

Keith Andes

Margaret Layton

Peggy McCay

Harry Collins

Frank Aletter

Richard Harris

Michael Pate

Grace Kingman

Pat Finley

George Layton

John Heath

Janet Layton

Diane Mountford

Norma Weaver

Linda Marshall


Toby Michaels

Nancy Layton

Sally Smith

First Reporter

Jarone Bakewell


Potted Planter

Andrea Walden

Diane Brewster

Roy Mooney

Mark Goddard

Nelson Tarr

Joe Maross

Melinda Tarr

Davey Davison

Chris Hearn

Harry Lauter

Doctor Oldham

Frank Behrens

Jimmie Moore

Allan Hunt


Jaclyn Carmichael


Richard Emory



Witless Witness

Victor Kendall

David White

Marian Lamont

Florida Friebus


Larry Thor


Nebulous Nephew

Sophia Stone

Beulah Bondi

John Brooks

Ron Starr

Irene Stone

Kate Manx

Caleb Stone

Ivan Dixon

Sister Theresa

Irene Tedrow

Young Nun

Linda Marshall


Kathy Willow


Shifty Shoe-Box


Billy Mumy

Joe Downing

Ray Teal

Miss Frances

Diane Ladd

Night Man

Jim Boles


Pat Coghlan

Deputy No 2

Lincoln Wilmerton


Drowsy Mosquito

Sandy Bowen

Arthur Hunnicutt

Banning Grant

Russell Collins

Lillian Braddison

Kathleen Crowley

Deputy Sheriff Connors

Robert J Wilke

Jason Sparks

Archie Moore

George Moffgat

Woodrow Parfrey

Howard Small

Richard Derr

Asst D A Northridge

Garry Walberg


Deadly Verdict

Letitia Simmons

Erin O'Brien-Moore

Christopher Barton

Stephen Franken

Violet Barton Ames

Hollis Irving

Arthur Jacks

Mike Mazurki

Elisabeth Carson

Marie Worsham

Dr Faulkner

Sally Hughes


Robert Gibbons

Matron No 1

Kathleen O'Malley


Sherry Hall

Indian Guide

Bernie Gozier


Decadent Dean

Dr Aaron Stuart

Milton Selzer

Marion Stuart

Joan Tetzel

Chuck Emmett

Paul Lukather

Janet Gwynne

Stanja Lowe

Mr Ogden

Richard Simmons

Ted Richert

Rand Brooks


Tommy Alexander

Bruce Perkins

Don Parker

Grace Witt

Shelley Ames


Reluctant Model

Grace Olney

Joanna Moore

Leslie Rankin

Margaret Hayes

Maxine Lindsay

Erin O'Donnell

Second Reporter

Dick Garton


Ida Mae McKenzie

Assistant In Art Gallery

Julia Faye Thomas


Louise Lane


Bigamous Spouse

Gwynn Elston

Pippa Scott

Felton Grimes

Michael Conrad

Carl Jasper

Allan J Melvin

Nell Grimes

Jacqueline Loughery

Little Girl

Betsy Hale

Mrs Gillette

Ann Mitchell


Floating Stones

Gilbert Tyrell

Victor Maddern

Juli Eng

Irene Tsu


Joyce Jameson

District Attorney

Walter Brooke

Ralph Iverson

Jerry Oddo

Louis Kew

James Hong

Mr Eng

Richard Loo


Dale Ishimoto

Inspector Mac Ritchie

Gil Stuart

Doctor Lefcourt

Walter Janowitz


Festive Felon

Max Randall

Jon Hall

Madeline Randall

Sherry Jackson

Hetty Randall

Anne Seymour

Reed Brent

Ray Stricklyn

Mrs Taylor

Louise Lewis


Devious Deliquent

Tim Balfour

John Washbrook

Chick Montana

David Winters

Miss Adler

Frances Rafferty

Old Man

William Benedict

Greasy Neal

David Cleg


John Mitchum


Bouncing Boomerang

Sidney Weplo

Wright King

Nelson Barclift

Alan Hale

Grover Johnson

Rod Cameron

Les Gilpin

Berkeley Harris


Ed Peck



Badgered Brother

Jane Alder

Patricia Wymore

Carla Renaldi

Nancy Kovack

Nicolai Wright

Patricia Blair

Martin Baylor

Peter Walker

(Edward) Lewis

L Q Jones

Orin Leslie

George Petrie

Doctor McBurney

Arthur Peterson


Pat Conway

Model No 1

Alida Van

Model No 2

Norma Clark

Model No 3

Annabelle George


Wednesday Woman

Phillip Stewart

Phillip Pine

Jack Mallory

Michael Pate


Alvy Moore

"Rosie" Dell

Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez

Pawn Broker

William Fawcett


Greta Granstedt


Accosted Accountant

B K Doran

Murray Matheson

Gertrude Lewis

Gail Kobe

Sylvia Cord

Lynn Bari

Walter Cord

J Edward McKinley

Very Hillman

Jean Engstron


Capering Camera

Irene Grey

Elaine Stewart

Judith Blair

Margo Moore

Penny Ames

Karin Kupcinet

Norman Ames

Mark Dempsy

Karl Kadar

Kurt Kreuger

Jacob Kadar

Eric Feldary


Margaret Mason


Ice-Cold Hands

Nancy Banks

Joyce Bulifant

Rodney Banks

Dick Davalos

Sgt McClanahan

John Goddard


Dorothy Edwards


Jack Crowder


Bountiful Beauty

Stephanie Carew

Sandra Warner

John Carew

Ryan O'Neal

Deborah Dearborn

Zeme North

Rubin Cason

Douglas Fowley

Gideon Long

John van Dreelen

Chet Worth

Maxwell Reed

Mrs Mitchell

Jean Carson

Mrs Davis

Fifi D'Orsay

Miriam Worth

Lonie Blackman

Switchboard Operator

Barbara Wilkin


Nervous Neighbor

Henry Clement

Paul Winchell

Charles Fuller

Richard Rust

Karl Dickinson

G B Atwater

Doctor Younger

Booth Colman

Little Old Lady

Jesslyn Fax


Fifty-Millionth Frenchman

Phillipe Bertain

David McCallum

Armand Rovel

Jacques Bergerac

Ninette Rovel

Roxane Berard

Carole Ogilve

Janet Lake

Peter Hayes

Don Collier


Gene O'Donnell

Dick Jenkins

Tom Greenway

Sheriff Max Taylor

Stuart Randall


Frightened Fisherman

Mrs Pennyworth

Connie Gilchrist

Natalie James

Marian Collier

Gretchen Lang

Ilze Taurins

Hans Lang

Emile Genest

Andy Witcoe

Bill Smith

Blind Fisherman

Richard Cutting

Lt Gibson

Stacy Keach


Kort Falkenberg

Fake Fisherman

Ray Walker

Lab Parking Guard

Harry Strang


Arrogant Arsonist

Carey York

Tom Tully

Tommy Towne

Frank Aletter

Otto Joseph

Tenen Holtz

Elaine Joseph

Holly McIntire


Robert Chadwick

Radio Dispatcher

Robert Kenneally

Phone Dispatcher

Cody Denton



Garrulous Go-Between

Amy Scott

Sue Randall


Lillian Buyeff


Woeful Widower

James Douglas

Jerry Van Dyke

Mary Douglas

Nancy Cates

Nellie Conway

Joan Lovejoy

Georgiana Douglas

Ann Carroll


Allen Joseph

(Joe) Duncan

Steve Pendleton


Simple Simon

Guy Penrose

Tom Conway

Douglas McKenzie

Doug Lambert

Scott Everett

James Stacy

Red Doyle

Donald Barry


Malachi Throne

District Attorney

Jay Barney

Ogden G Kramer

Sherwood Keith


Illicit Illusion

Dr Jesse Young

Keith Andes

Hubert Ambrose

Ron Randall

Winifred Wileen

Norma Varden

Lt Barlow

Dick Garton

Michael Rancer

Melville Ruick


Antic Angel

Vince Kabat

Michael Ansara

Sidney Falconer

George Tobias

Maggie Malecki

Cathleen Cordell


Logan Field


Tracy Morgan

Vera Janel

Jena Engstrom

Fillmore Garrett

Oliver McGowan


Billy Halop


James Cross

Lynne Bowman

Janet Dey


Careless Kidnapper

David Pelham

Thomas Lowell

Susan Pelham

Marilyn Erskine

Sande Lukins

Mimsy Farmer

Michael DaVinci

Mark Slade

Gregory Pelham

Peter Hobbs

Mary Manning

Regina Gleason

Capt Horatio Jones

Tudor Owen

First Girl

Gale Gerber

Second Girl

Francie Karath

Third Girl

Pamela Baird


Gilbert Gardner

Lab Expert

Garland Thompson


Barbara Fuller


Drifting Dropout

Annalee Fisher

Cynthia Pepper

Barry Davis

Carl Reindel

Miss Standish

Natalie Norwick

Plainclothesman (Joe)

House Peters, Jr

Police Chief

Don Haggerty


Alex Montoya


Tandem Target

Jack Talley

Lonny Chapman

Con Bolton

Paul Carr

Irma Hodge

Nataly/Natalie Trundy

Miss (Sally) Young

Pat Priest


Vince Barnett



Ugly Duckling

Albert Charity

Reginald Gardiner

Anthony Usher

Adam LaZarre


Jay Adler


Missing Button

Dirk Blake

Ed Nelson

Button Blake

Claire Wilcox

Naomi Sutherland

Lysa d'Anjou

Cully Barstow

Mike Mazurki

Pancho Morado

Stanley Adams

Miss Smithers

Ruth Packard

Lab Expert

Garland Thompson

Woman at Motel

Jean MacRae

Janice's Lawyer

Robert Riordan


Joe Dominguez


Paper Bullets

Susan Foster

Lynn Loring

(Officer) Carl Rohr

Frank Marth


Booth Colman

David Cartwell

Stewart Moss

Lt Jeffers

House Peters, Jr

Gambling Boss

Lou Krugman


Joel Fluellen

Woman Reporter

Ann Ayars

Campaign Worker No 1

Robert Rothwell


Scandalous Sculptor

Mona Stanton Harvey

June Lockhart

Bonnie (Dunbar)

Sue Anne Langdon


Dan Tobin

Ivy Stanton

Nydia Westman


Ellen Atterbury


Don Washbrook

(Mrs Banks



Sleepy Slayer

Phyllis Clover

Gigi Perreau

Harlan Farrell

J Edward McKinley


Alfred Hopson


John Rayborn


Betrayed Bride

Marie Claudel

Anne Farge

Pierre Dubois

Michel Forest

Jimmy Meacham

Guy Stockwell

Monsieur Arnaux

Paul Dubov


Joey Wilcox


Robert Gormley


Nautical Knot

Harvey Scott

Tom Tully

Emmalou Schneider

Arlene Judge

Rick Scott

Henry Brandt

Elayna Scott

Barbara Bain

Laurence Barlow

Whit Bessell

Peg-Leg Jasper

Francis McDonald

Rosa Martinez

Renata Vanni

Rider On Horseback

Lane Bradford

Captain Vinson

Maurice Wills


Glen Vernon


Thomas Hasson


Bullied Bowler

Joe Kelly

Michael Connors

Marla Carol

Patricia Morrow

Alan Jaris

Paul Lukataher

Rose Carol

Jeff Donnell

Dr Max Taylor

Milton Selzer

Bonnie Mae (Duchess) Wilmot

Anne Seymour

Linda Terry

Patricia George

Jack Baker

Charles Gray


William J Tannen


Lonie Blackman

Marla's Boyfriend

Allan Hunt

(Health inspector Joe


(Paul Drake's wife




A Place Called Midnight

Greta Koning

Susanne Cramer

(Lt) Frederic Ralston

Fred Vincent

(Capt) Joe Farrell

Jim Davis

Dr Kleinman

Ivan Triesault

Madame Jurgen

Eva Soreny


Monique LeMaire


Peter Hellmann


Jean Bartel

Swiss Bank Clerk

Jan Arvan


Werner Reichow

Swedish Sailor

Ike Ivarson


Ken Willer


Tragic Trophy

Anthony Fry

Richard Carlson

J J Pennington

Paul Stewart

Howard Stark

John Fiedler

Coley Barnes

George Brenlin

Kathy Anders

Mimsy Farmer


Alvin Childress

Medical Examiner

Reed Hadley

Second Reporter

Walher Mathews


E J Andre

Third Reporter

Charles McDaniel

Second Cameraman

Russ Whiteman

Red Cap

Bobby Johnson


Reckless Rockhound

Reelin' Pete

Elisha Cook


Ben Johnson


Doug Lambert

(Carl) Bascom

Jeff Corey


Donald Buka


Roy Bancroft

Reba Burgess

Audrey Totter

Mrs Munger

Lenore Shanewise


Robert C Gormley

Police Sergeant

Nick Nicholson


Latent Lover

Eric Pollard

Lloyd Bochner

Sibyll Pollard

Marion Moses

Aimee Wynne

Charlotte Fletcher

Nat Rudick

Armand Harrison

Leo Mann

Emory Parnell

Dr Richard Jenkins

John Matthews

Lawrence West

Harold Gould

Police Officer

Robert J Stevenson


Wooden Nickels

Homer Doubleday

Will Kuluva

Minerva Doubleday

Phyllis Love

Vivian Norman

Nancy Berg

Howard Hopkins

Murray Matheson

George Parsons

Hunt Powers

Cigarette Girl

Penny O'Donnell

Museum Curator

Sherwood Keith

Hotel Desk Clerk

Thomas Freebairn-Smith


Karen Norris


Blonde Bonanza

Diane Adler

Mary Ann Mobley


Michael Constantine

Harrison Boring

Paul Gilbert

Mrs Winlock

Ruth Warrick

Marvin Palmer

Jonathan Lippe


Jack Pepper

Delivery Boy

Jim Henaghan


Ruinous Road

Quincy Davis

Grant Williams

Hillary Gray

Joan Blackman


Frankie Darro


Frustrated Folk-Singer

Jazbo Williams

Gary Crosby

Amy Jo Jennings

Bonnie Jones

Lester Crawford

Mark Goddard

Lionel Albright

Richard Garland

Chris Thompson

John Considine

Evelyn Bronson

Gale Robbins

Natalie Graham

Lee Meriwether

Taxi Driver

Sidney Clute


Eddie Hanley


Thermal Thief

Ken Kramer

Barry Sullivan

Amy Reed

Bettye Ackerman

Pet Kamboly

Robert Strauss

Maxine Nichols

Nina Shipman

First Girl

Irene Martin

Second Girl

Mimi Dillard

Fay Gilmer

Joyce Van Patten


John Hart

Stella (Maid)

Joan Sudlow


Golden Venom

Kevin Lawrence

Lee Philips

Tony Claus

Noah Beery

Lucille Forrest

Frances Reid

Mirna (Decker) Lawrence

Carole Wells

Ralph Day

Arthur Malet

Joe Sullivan

Cal Bartlett


Richard Reinauer



Telltale Tap

Archer Bryant

Roland Winters

Nancy Bryant

Indus Arthur


Feather Cloak

Lt Kia

Jon Hall

Gustave Heller

David Opatoshu

Jarvis Logan

John van Dreelen

Douglas Kelland

Michael Dante

Anona Gilbert

Wende Wagner

D A Alvarez

James Frawley

Auntie Hilo

Miriam Goldina

Dolly Jameson

Joyce Jameson


Keye Luke

Jon Kakai

Tony Scott

Pet Shop Owner

Bob Okazaki

First Man Surfer

Thomas Carlisle

Second Man Surfer

Steven Blair

First Girl

Diane Swanson

Second Girl

Gunilla Hutton


Lover's Gamble

Estelle Mabury

Elizabeth Perry

Freddy Fell

Hal Peary

Betty Kaster

Margaret Bly

Jill Fenwick

Joan O'Brien

Frances Stark

June Drayton

Martha Glenhorn

Minerva Urecal

Beauty Operator

Barbara Perry


Robert Hernandez


Fatal Fetish

Carina Wilien

Karen Steele

Larry Germaine

Gary Collins

Ruth Duncan

Lynn Bari

Agnes Fanchon

Erin Leigh


Robert Chadwick


Breena Howard

Choreographer and Dancer

Wilda Taylor

Master of Ceremonies

Johnny Francis


Sad Sicilian




Nico Minardos

Paulo Porro

Fabrizio Mioni

Massimo Bacio

Rudy Solari

Elizabeth Bacio

Linda Marsh

Father Reggiani

Paul Comi

Desk Sergeant

Dort Clark

Uncle Fiastri

Charles LaTorre

Joe (Bellboy)

Tommy Cook

Cafe Proprietor

Jack LaRue


Murderous Mermaid

Victoria Dawn

Patrice Wymore

Reggie Lansfield

Jean Hale

Doug Hamilton

Jess Barker

Lillian Keely

Nan Leslie


Richard St John

Second Reporter

John Ward


Careless Kitten

Matilda Shore

Louise Latham

Thomas Link

Allan Melvin

Helen Kendall

Julie Sommars

Frank Templar

Alan Reed, Jr


Hedley Mattingly


Raymond Guth


Deadly Debt

Carl Talbert

Chris Robinson

Kitty Delany

Joan Huntington

Danny Talbert

Robert Quarry

Mrs Johnson

Madgel Dean

Ed Talbert

Emile Meyer

Eddy (Waiter in Night Club)

Johnny Silver

Waiter in Hotel

Jimmy Cross


Gambling Lady

Ned Beaumont

John Rayner

Business Man

Willis L Robards


Adair Jameson


Duplicate Case

Herbert Cornwall

Martin West

Millie Cornwall

Susan Bay

Charlie Parks

Steve Ihnat

Ernest Hill

Herbert Voland

Miss Dahlbet

Audrey Larkin


Dave Willock

Elevator Operator

Irene Anders


Robert Nelson


Grinning Gorilla

Helen Cadmus

Charlene Holt

F A Snell

Robert Colbert

Benjamin Addicks

Harvey Stephens

Estate Guard

Jim Boles


Janos Prohaska

Morgue Attendant

True Boardman


Wrongful Writ

Ward Toyama

James Shigeta

Harry Grant

Philip Abbott

Sally Choshi

Nobu McCarthy

Ursula Quigly

Francine York



Mischievous Doll

Rita Jasper

Allyson Ames

Henrietta Hull

Marge Redmond

Second Taxi Driver

Stanley Clements

Airport Clerk

Byron Foulger

Man Bystander

Alan Fordney

First Taxi Driver

Philip Harron

Woman at Airport

Ann Staunton


Laughing Lady

Carla Chaney

Jean Hale

Dr Darwood Tobey

John Abbott

Peter Stange

Bernard Fox

Lenny Linden

Mickey Manners


Shirley O'Hara


Michael Rye


Irene Anders


Fatal Fortune

Gordon Evans

Lee Philips

Beth Fuller

Nan Martin

Marius Stone

James Lanphier


Nora Marlowe


Belle Mitchell


Candy Queen

Claire Armstrong

Nancy Gates

Wanda Buren

Patricia Smith

Carol Olin

Nina Shipman


Russ Whiteman


Cheating Chancellor

Bob Hyatt

Peter Helm

Shirley Logan

Louise Latham

Van Fowler

James Noah

Joe Price

Michael Walker

Dr Stuart Logan

G B Atwater

James Hyatt

Peter Hobbs


Jay Barnery

Evelyn Wilcox

Lee Meriwether

Myra Finlay

Adrianne Ellis

Medical Examiner

Joseph Mell


Impetuous Imp

Diana Carter

Bonnie Jones

Helga Dolwig

Hanna Landy

Henning Dolwig

Jeff Cooper

Mike Carson

Frank Marth

Addison Powell

Richard Webb

Harvey Blake

James McCallion


Clay Tanner


Helen Gerald


Rand Brooks

Shelter Man

Wally West

(Dr Morton



Carefree Coronary

Dr Chauncey Hartlund

Lawrence Montaigne

Doreen Wilde

Tracy Morgan

News Reporter

Jay Weston


Hasty Honeymooner

Lucas Tolliver

Noah Beery

Millicent Barton

Cathy Downs

Larry Dunlap

Richard Evans

Carl Snell

Robert Colbert

Medical Examiner

Al Checco

(Dr Morton



12th Wildcat

Andy Grant

Regis Toomey

Casey Banks

Robert Quarry

Mrs Frye

Ivy Bethune

Assistant Coach

Lindon Crow

Police Officer

Patrick Riley


Howard Wright

Joe Scibelli


Bill Munson


Don Chuy


Roman Gabriel


Cliff Livingston


Merlin McKeever



Mel Profit


Paul Power


Wrathful Wraith

Louise Selff

Marion Moses

Ralph Balfour

Gene Lyons

Deputy D A

Walter Brooke

Willa Saint Sutton

Winifred Coffin

Ed Allison

Robert Easton

Second Reporter

George Conrad

First Woman

Cecil Elliott

Jamison Selff

John Hart

Second Woman

Mari Lynn



Runaway Racer

Pete Griston

Hank Brandt

Pappy Ryan

Michael Constantine


Jimmy Cross


Paul Winfield


Lawrence Green


Silent Six

Sgt Dave Wolfe

Skip Homeier

Craig Jefferson

Cyril Delevanti

Hamp Fisher

Hampton Fancher

Susan Wolfe

Chris Noel

Herb Jackson

Tyler MacDuff


John Heath

Monk Coleman

Peter Baron

Joe Oliver

Dale Van Sickle


Fugitive Fraulein

Gerta (Palmer)

Susanne Cramer


Lilyan Chauvin

Prof Hans Ritter

Wolfe Barzell

Elke (Dietrich)

Eileen Baral

Woman Magistrate

Barbara Morrison

German Sergeant

Peter Hellman

German Border Guard

Horst Ebersberg

Guard at Courtroom

Hans Heyde

1st Associate Magistrate

Charles Hradilac

2nd Associate Magistrate

George Perina


Shony Alex Braun


Baffling Bug

Dr Todd Meade (Mead)

Grant Williams

Dr Nina Revelli

Alizia Gur

Horace Lehigh

Bryon O'Byrne

Dr Maseo Tachikawa

Teru Shimada


Mary Treen


Robert Okazaki


Nancy Hsueh


Golden Girls

Beverly Garnett

Paula Stewart

Debbie Conrad

Angela Dorian

Corinne Richland

Jean Engstron

Rick Durbin

Bruce Glover

Sgt Eggers

Lee Fredericks

Teddy Bear #1


Teddy Bear #2

Nancy Czar


Bogus Buccaneers

Martin Eldridge

Rhodes Reason

Ann Eldridge

Patricia Cutts

Mike Woods

Richard Jaeckel

Clayton Douglas

John Milford

Tony Polk

Steve Harris

Girl in Newspaper Office

Linda Lee

Buccaneer C

John Strong

Officer #2

Hugh Warren

Officer #3

John Underhill

Officer #5

Jack Shea


Midnight Howler

Dan Thorne

Lee Patterson

Barney Austin

Dan Travanty

Clara Michaels

Cathleen Cordell

Abel Jackson

Ian Wolfe

Control Room Man

Marc Desmond


Vanishing Victim

Stacey Fielding

George Wallace

FAA Investigator

John Matthews

Al Dolby

John Goddard

Ruth Kavanaugh

Carol Brewster

Process Servier

Tom Vize


Glen Vernon


Golfer's Gambit

Danny (Denny) Bright

Carl Reindel

Dina Brandt

Nancy Kovack

Jim "Jimmy" Harrell

Alan Reed, Jr


Regina Gleason


Bill Brundage


Bud Perkins

Operator: P A Voice

Maureene Gaffney


Sausalito Sunrise

Bobbi Dane

Francine York

Bert Kannon

Allan Melvin

Campbell Boyd

Richard Angarola

Floyd Walters

Stanley Clements


Steve Conte


William Erwin


Dirk Evans


Charles Cirillo



Scarlet Scandal

Donald Hobart

Will Hutchins

Moose Dalton

Gene Evans

Cynthia Perkins

Luana Patten

Richard Bayler

Lloyd Gough

Aaron Chambers

Clint Sundberg

Howard Bayler

Dee Pollock


Connie Gilchrist

2nd Deputy

Paul Sorensen

2nd Reporter

Pat McCaffrie


Twice-Told Twist

Lennie Beale

Kevin O'Neal

Bill Sikes

Scott Graham

Donna Reales

Lisa Pera

Robin Spring

Lisa Seagram

Tick Gleason

Nicolas Surovy

Jody Laird

Marc Rambeau


Keg Johnson

Tom Loman

Judson Pratt

Sue (Sawyer)

Beverly Hills

Welfare Worker

Helen Kleeb

1st Officer

Coby Denton

3rd Officer

Jim Farley


Avenging Angel

Clete Hawley

Richard Carlson

Dorothy (Dottie) Merrill

Sue Ann Langdon

Riff Lawler

Chick Chandler

Cameron Burgess

Paul Stewart

Sandy Chester

Martin Horsey

June Burgess

Patricia Owens

Sherry Lawler

Sandy Descher


Michael McGiveney


Mary Statler


Tsarina's Tiara

Gerard Van Ness

Kendall Clark

Pauline Thorsen

Vivienne Segal

Vyacheslav Gerznov

Leonid Kinskey

Joachim DeVry

Wesley Addy

Lisabeth Wells

Janet DeGore


Rodolfo Hoyos

Girl Assistant

Barbara Perry

Officer One

Lew Brown


Fayrene King


Dante Orgolini

NIls Dorow

Fred Krone


Fanciful Frail

Ethel Andrews

Pippa Scott

Mr Park Milgrave

Barry Kelley

Althea Milgrave

Joan Huntington

Peggy Sutton

Abigail Shelton


John Rayner

Bruce Strickland

Hunt Powers


Roy Engel


Ray Montgomery


Timothy Blake

Ed Thomas

Marshall Kent


Mildred Harrison


Unwelcome Well

Jerome Klee

Wendell Corey

Jason Rohan

Paul Brinegar

Mirabel Corum

Marilyn Erskine

Allan Winford

James Best

Monique Martin

Danielle DeMetz

Prince Ben Ali Bhudeem

Edmund Hashim

Ross Darley

William Lanteau

Matt Rohan

Hal Lynch

Job Rohan

Gordon Wescourt

Dick Yates

Martin Braddock


Robert R Stephenson


Dead Ringer


Raymond Burr

Barbara Kremer

Indus Arthur

Sandra Dunkel

Arlene Martel

Otis Swanson

Oliver McGowan

Dan Swanson

Stewart Moss


Alan Fordney


Roland La Starza

Mexican Worker

Mike Miguel De Anda


Misguided Model

Sharon Carmody

Mary Ann Mobley

Dennis 'Duke' Maronek

Paul Lukather

Ira DeWitt

Armand Harrison

Policeman #1

Howard Davis

White Snow #1

Darlene Enlow

Road Block Officer

Robert Legionaire

Policemen #2

Jim Johnson


Positive Negative

General Roger Brandon

Brian Donlevy

Laura Brandon

Bettye Ackerman

Warren Cotton

Anthony Hayes

Police Officer

Tom Allen


Crafty Kidnapper

Alex Tanner

Gary Collins

Gloria Shine

Cloris Leachman

Lola Stanley

Mary Foskett

Norma Fenn

Pat Priest

Leon Vandenberg

William Bramley



Final Fade-Out

Barry Conrad

James Stacy

Winifred Glover

Estelle Winwood

Erna Landry

Marlyn Mason

Studio guard

William Tannen

Starlet 1

Margaret Shinn

Leif Early

Dick Clark


Maureen Crow

Stunt Man 1

Louis Elias

Stunt Man 2

Saul Gorss