Beyond Swabia

While Storre/ Storrer/Storer/Stohrer/Störer and so forth have thrived in Swabia, some have headed beyond its borders. The web page details some, but hardly all, of those who have moved to the north, northeast and east.

Westernach is north of Schwabisch Hall. Jagsthausen is east of Heideleberg and at the limits of the Roman empire in that region. On the north edge of the Thüringen mountains is Finsterbergen at the end of the road, and in the plains nearby, due south of Gotha, is Schwabhausen. Then to Saxony further east, we find Markneukirchen, tucked in a bit of Germany well south of Leipzig that finds the Czech Republic to the west, to the south, and to the east!.This town is famous for production of musical instruments, examples of which are in the Musical Instrument Museum in nearby Klingenthal.

In northern Germany Storrer has found many spellings as various powers moved into and out of the coastal plans around Rostock.


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 Jagsthausen. The Roman ruins are the pride of the town. More interesting, however, to many visitors may be the summer festival held there each year in the yards of the building to the right, the Götzenburg.

Jagsthausen, Neckarkreis, Württemberg
1 family STöHRER, 3 entires; 1678

Lorenz STöHRER Jagsthausen, Neckarkreis, Württemberg
M; ?

...Philippa Margaretha STöHRER (F).... B: Abt 1678



This is all of Westernach that reminds us of the 1800s.

Westernach, Jagstkreis, Württemberg

Johann Georg F STOHRER Westernach, Jagstkreis, Württemberg

M; Magdalene Barbara EBERT
...Christian Heinrich STOHRER (M).. B: 7 Jul 1861
...Christoph Friedrich STOHRER (M)... B: 12 Jul 1862


To get to Finsterbergen, one takes a dead-end road up a deep valley south of the main highway into the Thuringen mountains.


Finsterbergen, Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, Thuringen


Hanss Caspar STöHRER Finsterbergen, Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, Thuringen
M; Maria Elisabeth BURCKHARDT
...Martha STöHRER (F).... C: 15 Apr 1702
...Barbara STöHRER (F)... C: 3 Jan 1707
...Anna Catharina STöHRER (F)... C: 9 Mar 1711

Balthasar STöHRER Finsterbergen, Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, Thuringen
...Anna Maria STöHRER (F).... C: 31 Aug 1713


Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, Thuringen

Anna/Osanna STöRER (F)............ B: Abt 1580
M; Nicolaus Or Claus BöTTNER Schwabhausen, Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, Thuringen

Johann Heinrich KLEIN Tambach, Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, Thuringen
M; ?
...Kunigunde STöHRER (F)................ B: 15 Aug 1687


Markneukirchen, Zwickau, Saxony

Marie Elisabeth STORER (F)......... B: 1731
M; Johann Michael SEIDEL Markneukirchen, Zwickau, Saxony






Rostock is a major seaport on the North Sea. We have traced nine generations of Storrer here. The name in this region has been spelled as follows; Storrer, Stuhrow, Sturah and Zdora.

Bonn, Rheinland, Preussen

Hans STORRER Evangelisch-Lutherische, Kreuznach, Rheinland, Preussen
M; ?
...Anna Margretha STORRER (F)............ C: 28 Jul 1633

Isidor STöHRER Civil, Bonn, Rheinland, Preussen
M; Catharina WOLBER
...Martin STöHRER (M)................... B: 11 Feb 1862
...Maria STöHRER (F).................... B: 9 Dec 1863

Berlin Stadt, Brandenburg, Preussen

Carl Wilhelm STöRER Sankt Georgen, Berlin Stadt, Brandenburg, Preussen
M; Dorothee Sophie MECHELKEN
...Josephine Laura STöRER (F)........... C: 16 Mar 1823