Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas is southwest of Kansas City, just off the Kansas Turnpike where Interstate 35 joins it. This is the major center of Storrers who migrated from Siblingen, Schaffhausen canton, Switzerland. Johannes Storrer (1681-1750) was the fourteenth and last child of Melchior Storrer, son of Melchior Storrer the first of our line in Siblingen. Johannes married Barbara Murdoch and their fifth child Melchior (1715-1787) married the ubiquitious Siblingen Wäckerlin, in this instance one Margaretha. Their son Conrad (1739-1784), who married Anna Maria Leupp, is the source of Kansas and Ohio Storrers. The Kansas line comes via son Hans Jacob (1774-1833) who married Elisabetha Shelling (Storrer, Wäckerlin, Leupp, Schelling, which Siblingen family is next?). Their Son Sebastian leads to Ohio Storrers who are really a branch of the Kansas line. Son Conrad (1814-1911, that's 97 years), properly named after his grandfather, is the progenitor of the Kansas line.
Emporia is an old midwestern town, northwest of the flint hills.







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