Michigan Storrers came from Siblingen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland in the mid-1800s. Conrad Storrer (1809-1881), the great, great, great, great grandson of Melchior Storrer (1586-1655) married Eliza Angst of Wil, Zurich Canton (click HERE to see her town). Their son Johann/John (1839-1917), a Lutheran minister and farmer, came to farmland west of Owosso, Shiawassee county, Michigan. He and his wife Sabina Gerner (b. 1840 in Prussia) raised four children and brought John's parents to Owosso. John and Sabina's fourth child, Frederick John (1867-1934) married Virginia Taylor Ray, a daughter of the American Revolution, in 1891. Their home was southwest of Shiawassee and Main, west of the Shiawassee River, and is shown below in an early 1950s photo made just before "Grandma Storrer" died. Frederick John was the first Clothier and "Storrer's" is still located on Washington Street in downtown Owosso, east of the Shiawassee River, and is run by Frederick John's grandson James Allan.

Michigan Storrers are no longer farmers. The grandchildren of Frederick John are college graduates and, for the most part, professionals.

(Yes, that's a Studebaker in the driveway)


Her is Virginia Ray Storrer, who lived in the house above. 82 years were given to her on this earth.

 The children of Virginia, Robert, Helen and Fredrick


Zeta Psi at U of Michigan, 1917. Fritz is 3rd from left, front, Bob third from right, back, row


And here are is the whole Owosso family shortly after Fritz and Margaret settled in Dearborn, Michigan. This is 22 March 1931. Bob and Lil left, Fritz and Peg centr, Grandad & Grandma next. We need to identify the others.


 Helen left, Nancy right, the daughters of Helen, Bob and Fritzie's elder sister


One last photo in our family album.

Here is Virginia Ray Storrer in her back yard, alas, showing her age. Seven grand children, the whole Owosso bunch.



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