Stuttgart and suburbia

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Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, Württemberg
STOHRER, Kaufmann, Zobel, Herrmann, Stumpfrock; 4 families, 18 entries; 1846-1878


Stuttgart is the major city of Swabia. 
From the present day modern town it 
is difficult to conjecture what it might 
have been like around 1850 when Stohrer 
families were known there.Stutt-garten, stud
farm, the original meaning and use of the 
valley that runs west from the left bank of 
the Neckar. Maybe horses are the precursor of
the modern Daimler-Chrysler empire located on
an island in the Neckar.
Jakob Friedrich M STOHRER Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, 
M; Karoline Friederike KAUFMANN  
 Emma Mathilde Caroline STOHRER (F).B:  9 Aug 1846
 Karl August STOHRER (M)............B: 14 Jul 1849
 Gustav Friedrich STOHRER (M).......B: 22 Jul 1851
 Sophie Friederike C STOHRER (F)....B: 12 Mar 1854
 Karl August STOHRER (M)............B: 17 Apr 1857



Karl Gottfried STOHRER     Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, 
M; Charlotte Therese ZOBEL 
 Karl Wilhelm Eberhard STOHRER (M). B:31 May 1850
Carl Friedrich STOHRER  Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, 
M; Sophie Louise HERRMANN  Württemberg
 Julie Christiane STOHRER (F)..... B: 9 Sep 1868
This could be second marriage of Carl Friedrich
Carl Friedrich STOHRER  Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, 
M; Maria Magdalene H STUMPFROCK  
 Wilhelm Theodor STOHRER (M)....  B: 2 Apr 1874
 Friedrich Karl Heinrich STOHRER (M).B:8 Oct 1876
 Otto STOHRER (M).................. B: 3 Mar 1878

There are two routes east from Stuttgart. One is to follow the Neckar upstream until it turns south, then continue east in the broad plain leading to Göppingen. The other is to follow the valley north of the mountain ridge on the right/north bank of the Neckar.

Following the plains of the Neckar leads us to what is now a suburb of Stuttgart, but once was a thriving center in its own right, Esslingen. The town still reveals its medieval origins, protected by the mountain range that rises quickly from the river to a walled fortress.

Three churches dominate the view, from across the river, or in the square, and a fourth hides near the old town hall.




 St. Dionys


 The old Town Hall





  Münster St. Paul

 Münster St. Paul interior

  Frauenkirche interior

The Franziskus church is undergoing restoration

Esslingen town square is immediately north of St. Dionys, with the Münster just off the square, behind the photographer of the picture to the right.


Esslingen, Neckarkreis, Württemberg
STOHRER, Stahle; 1 family, 3 entries; 1848

Johannes STOHRER Evangelisch, Esslingen, Neckarkreis, Württemberg
M; Wilhelmine STAEHLE
Pauline Caroline STOHRER (F).... C: 16 Apr 1848