Why? Because!

That is no longer a satisfactory answer.


We are human beings. Not human makers; "Hecho en Mexico" is not for us as a species. Nor is "made in xyz", no matter where xyz is. We ARE. "To be or not to be," we don't have a choice. We be.

Yet, in Latin, we are homo sapiens, "knowing men." People of knowledge, because we ask "why?"

Mother asks "why is the baby crying?" Father asks "what can we do about it?"

As soon as we could communicate one to another, we asked why and what. We will always be asking why, for we will never get a satisfactory answer, a complete answer to our most basic "whys". For, in our universe, there is no final answer, no perfect because.

We are perpetually in Spring, "1", the first stage of development. Even as we divide the great macro into smaller micros, the largest span of human time is always an umbrella of this first stage, 1. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, then spring again. 1, 2, 3, 4, then 5, which is 1 all over again, tho not. For it is not the same, it has moved ahead in time. The circle

becomes a sine wave defining the amount of sunlight reaching us as the seasons progress

then becomes a spiral as we see it in three dimensions.

This is the pattern of earthly life. When we accept it, we progress. When we deny it, or break the cycle, we experience a setback.

4 = 5. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, always return to spring, which begins spring, summer, autumn, winter all over again. We cannot fight that part of nature, but we often, to our regret, fight the equivalent in our human lives.

Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood, all return to the infancy of Maturity in our life's work and we begin again as a neophyte adult.

The pattern was known as far back as the first Greek tragedy and has remained constant through to the present day. It infuses all progressive growth, in individual human beings, in families, in villages, towns, cities, in counties & parishes, states & cantons, tribes, nations, & cultures. It is macro and micro.

Our "action" in the second of the great spans of humanity's development is "to know." In the first span it was "to be."

The first span is the great earth Mother, or Mother Earth as I shall refer to her. She welcomes us to this planet, she gives us succor, she is all we need for life. But liberty comes when we free ourselves from her dominating procreative capacity and learn to create, with the word, and the godlike Father is the teacher who demands of us, rather than nurtures us unconditionally. Even this Father God is not enough, for eventually we must gain happiness, which comes only when we become "peer amongst peeries," as Gilbert would have it over Sullivan's music. This is adolescence, or when boy and girl reject parents altogether and turn to each other as Brother-Sister. We are in the transition to this era now.

1 is Mother Earth, matriarchal. 2 is Father God, patriarchal. 3 is Brother-Sister, matricentric. 4 is yet to be named, patricentric.

The transition from Father God to Brother-Sister is going on right now. Who can say when it began? Was it when Cleopatra became queen of Egypt, or some other African queen in a dessert land? When Elizabeth I was crowned queen of England? Or when Margaret Thatcher was elected prime minister of England? Was it the advent of PLAYBOY or PLAYGIRL? Was it Carrie Nation or Betty Friedan?

Or was it the advent of the birth-control pill, freeing women from domination by men who would get or keep them pregnant?

Are we in the beginning, middle, or end of this transition?

Herstory came before history, but hers was never recorded, for man-God created the word to take domination from women. Matriarchal to patriarchal to matricentric. We are headed towards matricentricity.